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World of One Games PC Reviews 

World of One Review

World of One developed and published by Grimwood Team is a platforming game available on Steam now. World of One puts you in your own world, the world in which nobody else exists, your little world has everything you could ever want. Unfortunately, not all goes as planned and a mysterious figure shows up. Following this mysterious figure throws you into more worlds like your own but each one seems darker and darker. Each world has different obstacles to traverse, more puzzles and it grows in difficulty. Who is this…

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World of One Games Opinion PC 

World of One Indie Showcase

World of One, developed by Grimwood Team is a puzzle, arcade platformer that will be available on the PC soon. When I first launched World of One it felt like the game Limbo from the look and the feel, but after a few minutes, it evolved into a game of its own. You start off on a sphere that represents your home and town, at least that’s what I thought. Starting out in your hut the looming adventure is waiting outside the door and what an adventure I had. I…

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