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Age of Heroes VR Games News PC Trailer 

Age of Heroes VR Launches Kickstarter Campaign

OmniGames are proud to announce that they have launched Age of Heroes VR onto Kickstarter. The campaign is displayed HERE. The trailer features below courtesy of Gamespot Trailers:   Age of Heroes VR is a multiplayer raid combat game that takes inspiration from co-op based MMO’s but this game does it all in VR. The developers have also provided a full body movement system to make the experience even more realistic. OmniGames made this statement: “We have the private resources that will allow us to deliver the core product. Actually, we…

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Rick and Morty Virtual Rickality Games News PC 

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality – The Unibrow in 3D

Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” is coming to a vr headset near you Rick and Morty has amassed a HUGE following with it’s quirky animation and great writing. And now it’s testing the waters in virtual reality. In Virtual Rick-ality, you play as a Morty clone and you’re free to explore his universe. You can destroy Rick’s garage, the Smith house, and even go to alien world to get seeds shoved waaaaaaaayyyy up your butt (If you haven’t watched this show, go do it right now). I don’t know if there’s…

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Pixelbator Games News PC 

Pixelbator… Steam Greenlight’s new Masturbation Simulator (it’s real)

There are a lot of strange games out there. Think, ‘Shower With Your Dad Simulator‘, ‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ or even ‘I am Bread‘. One of the latest additions to Steam Greenlight isn’t merely going to add to that collection, it’s going to secure it’s place pretty high on the list of games that make you think ‘what the fuck?‘. We present to you: Pixelbator, the virtual reality compatible (I can’t believe I’m writing this) masturbation simulator. Somewhat alarmingly, the game actually doesn’t look too bad. I think I’d enjoy it for a solid 30 seconds…

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Nintendo Switch Games News Nintendo Tech 

Nintendo Switch VR on the Horizon?

The recently launched Nintendo Switch is a hot topic of conversation at the moment, with gamer’s from all walks scrambling to get their hands on the latest console from Nintendo. One of the big questions regarding the Switch thus far is the potential for Virtual Reality. Earlier this year, Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima, confirmed the company will add VR support to the Switch console if/when it can resolve comfort issues, resulting from long periods of use. Nintendo are currently working out how to implement virtual reality, and how to overcome some concerns….

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Batman VR Games News PlayStation 

Batman VR Rocksteady Video Interview

DC All Access got the chance to interview Gaz Deaves of Rocksteady about the new Batman VR game. The player must solve who killed Nightwing but for the first time in Virtual Reality, you are the Batman in every way. The video features below:   Batman VR is available now exclusively on Sony PlayStation 4 and it’s VR set. Source: DC All Access

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Games News PlayStation Tech 

Plantronics announce Sony partnership and RIG VR headset

If you’re picking up PlayStationVR, we’ve got some good news for you. Plantronics today unveiled the first officially licensed headset optimised for use with PlayStationVR. Plantronics and Sony have entered into a partnership to develop the ‘Plantronics RIG 4VR’, a headset designed with the intention of enhancing your PlayStationVR gaming experience. The goal of the headset is ti heighten user’s senses to aid with the delivery of immersive experiences. We’re told that ‘users will be able to hear enough of their surroundings to ensure the experience remains social; whilst the headset’s…

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