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Dark and Light Closed Beta Oppourtunity

Snail Gamesa leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment have announced today that many new features have been announced for their new game, Dark and Light. The invite will be held before the early access launch later this year. A trailer features below:   Dark and Light throws players into an immersive fantasy world that is full of magic, monsters and mystery. To survive you will need to craft, explore, and master powerful magic and become the most powerful player in the game. Below is a list of features taken…

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The CHECKPOINT Series – Raising Awareness About Mental Illness Using Video Games

Mental illness is something that affects people from every walk of life. It’s something that continues to be stigmatised, and is the leading cause of disability in young people. Dr. Jennifer Hazel is taking steps to combat that stigma, having recently released a kickstarter project, The CHECKPOINT Series. The goal of The CHECKPOINT Series is to raise awareness, and connect with people where they are. Research has shown that those afflicted by mental illness seek help from the internet, instead of medical professionals. The CHECKPOINT Series aims to help these…

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Video Game World Records

New world records are being set quite regularly, and we find them interesting, particularly those surrounding video games. After a bit of nosing around the ol’ internet, we’ve brought together some of our favourite video game world records, directly from our friends at Guinness World Records. There are a lot of records surrounding marathon plays of games. It’s fun, and there have been times when I’m sure all of us could have competed (see GTA IV, when I ate nothing but pizza for two days because I refused to leave…

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