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Jumps – Hardcore Parkour Done Right

A fast-paced, perfectionist’s dream game Jumps is an incredibly fun indie game with beautiful graphics, stunning music and incredible gameplay. Jumps starts off as a game that revolves around jumping from island to island at an intense speed. The twist, is that you start with a limited number of jumps (usually 1 or 2) and have to pick up any other jumps you may need to complete the level. Each level can be completed in 30 seconds or less, but it takes a number of run-throughs to learn the in’s…

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Unearned Bounty Games PC Reviews 

Unearned Bounty Review

Unearned Bounty is a free-for-all arena combat game, developed by Extrokold Games using the Unity engine. The game is played entirely on a pirate cheap adderall xr ship, with the main objective to destroy as many enemies, gather as much loot, and upgrade your ship as much as possible within a limited time. Bright and distinct colours greet the player when they first begin, as well as some very nicely detailed boats. Explosions and other visual effects are quite neat, and suit the art style well. The same can be…

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Facebook attempts Steam-style desktop platform

Facebook is well known for pushing the boundaries of what a social networking site is deemed to be. Their latest venture, a desktop gaming platform similar to the Steam application that gamers have grown to love (or hate, depending on who you ask). Today Facebook officially announced it was working with Unity Technologies to create a dedicated, downloadable, desktop platform and also working to broaden the Facebook experience for gamers. This announcement has been one of many in Facebook’s pursuit to own the internet, from acquiring Instagram and Lightbox in…

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