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Lock's Quest Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Lock’s Quest PC Review – Decent Port If You Have a Controller

My Initial Thoughts Having never played Lock’s Quest on the Nintendo DS when it was first released, the idea of a real-time strategy/tower defense was an interesting idea. When I first loaded Lock’s Quest, I was amazed at the graphics. Pixel art has always been able to stay somewhat relevant no matter how far graphics have advanced, but with all of the art enhanced in HD, everything in Lock’s Quest looked great. I started up a new game with keyboard/mouse for controls. And that’s where my problems began. The keyboard/mouse…

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Steampunk Syndicate Games PC Reviews 

Steampunk Syndicate – Better as a Mobile Game

Such a good idea Note: This was written before the update that was supposed to fix a few of the problems with Steampunk Syndicate I was looking through Steam’s upcoming games when I came across Steampunk Syndicate. Being a huge steampunk, tower defense and card game lover, I thought this game would be tons of fun and be a good time waster. Don’t get me wrong, it is, but it doesn’t do it all that well. When I first started the game, I was greeted by a crash. When it…

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Tiny Wars Games Mobile News PC Trailer 

Tiny Wars Coming Next Year

Bizurk Software is proud to announce that their new tower defence game named Tiny Wars, will be available on PC and Android Next Year. A trailer features below:   Tiny Wars pits you against the forces of evil and you must build your defences successfully to protect Mary on her journey through the Tiny Kingdom. Players soon will be able to play a prototype version which demonstrates the gameplay and tests the game’s engine to see how it all works. People who have already played the prototype have given the…

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