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Distortions Games News PC 

Distortions Now On Steam Greenlight

Developers EStudio Cafofo’s new title Distortions has just made its way to Steam Greenlight and it needs your vote to succeed. The Steam Greenlight page is HERE if you decide to back it. A gameplay trailer features below:   A girl wakes up in a world where time stands still and no one understands buy adderall online us why. The girl must recover her identity by meeting a strange masked man and asking for his assistance. The girl, in the end, must make the decision to leave her old life behind…

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Pixelbator Games News PC 

Pixelbator… Steam Greenlight’s new Masturbation Simulator (it’s real)

There are a lot of strange games out there. Think, ‘Shower With Your Dad Simulator‘, ‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ or even ‘I am Bread‘. One of the latest additions to Steam Greenlight isn’t merely going to add to that collection, it’s going to secure it’s place pretty high on the list of games that make you think ‘what the fuck?‘. We present to you: Pixelbator, the virtual reality compatible (I can’t believe I’m writing this) masturbation simulator. Somewhat alarmingly, the game actually doesn’t look too bad. I think I’d enjoy it for a solid 30 seconds…

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Greyborn Studios Games News PC 

Greyborn Studios Steam Greenlight Debut

Greyborn Studios are a new up and coming independent game development studio founded by industry veterans. Together they have a wealth of experience from working as senior developers from award winning games such as; System shock 2 Thief, Skylanders and Magic The Gathering.  “While we’re a new independent studio, we are founded by very talented game developers who have worked on some of the biggest franchises in gaming. We created Greyborn Studios because we wanted to collaborate directly with gamers without the constraints of big publishing bureaucracy. This allows us to…

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