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EA E3 Conference Round Up and Opinion

The EA conference started with a bang… Literally a bang a full drum show, I thought I was watching Ubisoft’s introduction for a second. Firstly we saw that Madden is receiving a story mode like they introduced in Fifa 17, Fifa 18 is getting a sequel to Alex Hunter’s story and NBA 18 is also getting a solo campaign type mode. Apart from new motion capture engines and improved graphics, not much else was introduced but they did look beautiful. Three trailers featuring NBA 18, Fifa 18 and Madden 18…

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Gran Turismo Sport Beta Footage Looks Photorealistic

A video showing Gran Turismo PlayStation 4 beta gameplay displays a very beautiful and almost life like look at what PlayStations next big racer will feature. The video features below courtesy of GiantSouls:   The player is driving the BMW M6 GT3 at the Nurburgring in Germany for the latest beta. Not many details have been shared on the video above but Polyphonic Studios and Sony have been working to get the title out in 2017. Below is a trailer showing off the many features that will once again bring…

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Skate 4 is it Happening or Not?

Today the news of “is Skate 4 happening?” has been circulating the internet due to Senior Manager of Community Engagement at EA, Daniel Lingen hashtagging SKATE4 on his twitter account. The tweet can be seen below:   Skate 3 was the last game that was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back in 2010. The series is one of the most popular skating games to date and fans have been demanding a sequel ever since the 3rd title. Recently the third title became backwards compatible on the Xbox One…

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NHL 17 Season Simulation and Predictions

NHL season is creeping up quickly and EA SPORTS did a simulation of the 16/17th season of NHL in the widely known Ice Hockey game developed by EA SPORTS, NHL 17. EA SPORTS are attempting to see who will make playoffs, who will win awards and the most important prediction, who will take home the Stanley Cup. This will all be done and predicted in their game. If you are unfamiliar with the NHL series, a trailer features below:   Will the Pittsburgh Penguins be taking home the Stanley Cup…

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