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Daath Origins Games PC Reviews 

A Preview of Daath Origins

Daath Origins, developed by BLACK LODGE GAMES, is a space-faring roleplaying game built in RPG Maker. The game is in Early Access, but promises many features and innovations which are atypical of RPG Maker products. Daath Origins does not employ the typical JRPG sprites or a traditional world map. Instead, it ops for canvases of open space with interactable nodes such as planets. Daath Origins makes similar aesthetic improvements to the combat screen, deviating from character portraits to give the player a full view of all ships involved in the battle. Additionally, the combat in Daath Origins is…

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Daath Origins Games News PC 

Daath Origins Now Available On Steam Early Access

Daath Origins the sci-fi space opera from Black Lodge Games LLC has now been released on Steam Early Access. A trailer features below: Players will be able to explore a massive 36-sector galaxy, 500 hand crafted planets with over 75 playable quests and seemingly infinite strange encounters with spatial anomalies, black holes, criminals and much more. Below is a list of features: Daath Origins’ game-play uniquely combines turn-based elements of the SNES-era with RPG mechanics and enhancements of its own, Leaves decision-making to the player, letting them choose between incurring…

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LEGO Worlds Games News PC Trailer 

LEGO Worlds Classic Space DLC Announced

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games are proud to announce that the Classic Space DLC pack will be available to download for LEGO Worlds on the 5th of July. The pack will be released at the cheap price of £2.99. The trailer features below:   Players in LEGO Worlds will be able to take their creativity into space where you’ll discover brand new creatures, new vehicles and new ways to build. Also announced this week that a Nintendo Switch version is coming and you can pre-order it now digitally…

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