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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Details Announced

EA, DICE, Motive and Criterion are joining forces to create Star Wars Battlefront 2 and you’ll get to play it November 17th, 2017. A full trailer features below:   Well, that’s an instant pre-order from me. The trailer shows the campaign side of Star Wars Battlefront 2. You are a storm trooper commander who has just witnessed the destruction of the Death Star. After the Death Star, she states, “the real war has just begun, we must avenge the emperor”. The title will also contain will take place over the…

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Bioshock collection Games Opinion PC PlayStation Xbox 

BioShock Remastered: Are Remastered Games Getting Out of Hand?

We’re getting to a point in games where some developers feel the need to bring their older games across to the new generation of consoles/systems. Years ago this wouldn’t have been an issue, though, in this current era of gaming the issue isn’t porting old games, it’s porting of old games onto a new system. At first you may not see these ports as an issue, you may even justify the purchase based on whether or not you played the game prior to the re-release (which is totally fine, I’ll…

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Are we ruining our own game experience with expectations?

You know that feeling when you’ve just purchased a game, you’ve waited the hour and a half for it to install (and usually update). You sit down, a drink on the table and snacks nestled in your lap, ready to lose the next ten hours of your life (or 200, in some cases), immersing yourself in an alternate reality; living and breathing everything the game has to offer. But after an hour of playing, you realise it’s complete shit? You let yourself get hyped (again). YouTuber’s and news sites all…

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