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Escape from Tarkov Preview Games Opinion PC 

Escape from Tarkov Showcase

Escape from Tarkov developed by Saint-Petersburg’s very own Battlestate Games is developing a massive multiplayer online combat simulator with many RPG and story-driven elements. Escape from Tarkov is set is the fictional place of the Norvinsk Region on the frontier between Russia and Europe. Due to anarchy in the city scavenger gangs, ex-private military forces and black operation units roam the lands. You, on the other hand, have to escape the city fighting through all these factions. A closed beta trailer features below: My experience with the game was pretty…

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Interplanetary Games Opinion PC 

Interplanetary Enhanced Edition Video Game Showcase

Interplanetary developed by Team Jolly Rodger and published by Team 17 is now available in a brand new enhanced edition on Steam HERE. Players will design artillery systems for their home planets to defend from the enemy. Not all is that simple, unfortunately. The gravity fields are completely unpredictable. Features are listed below: You’ll be able to go vs friends online or locally and fight each other or vs the AI. You’ll have to manage your planet’s infrastructure to make sure you remain dominant Resource gathering is key to becoming…

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Immortal Redneck Games News PC Trailer 

Immortal Redneck Now on Steam Greenlight

Developed by Crema, Immortal Redneck has now hit Steam Greenlight. A trailer features below: Immortal Redneck is an FPS set in Egypt that takes inspiration from classic FPS arena games like Quake and Doom. Features include: Frantic Gameplay Twitch Controls Arcade-Style Procedural Dungeons A complete Skill Tree The story revolves around a redneck tourist who has woken up mummified in ancient Egypt after a peculiar accident. Nothing is known as to why he is a mummy, how he got into an accident and how he survived. To find the answers players…

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