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Max the Curse of Brotherhood Review Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Max the Curse of Brotherhood Review

Max the Curse of Brotherhood is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Ever have a really annoying sibling that sometimes you wish would go away? Well, Max did and unfortunately, his wish came true. Max must journey through treacherous landscapes to get his brother back but at what cost? The story of Max the Curse of Brotherhood definitely rings true when you were a kid and you’d had a falling out with a sibling and then the regret you’d feel after. That is the same feeling Max has…

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Max the Curse of Brotherhood Review Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Max The Curse of Brotherhood Coming To PlayStation 4

The good people at Wired Productions have announced that Max The Curse of Brotherhood Drawn is coming to PlayStation 4 this Autumn. The trailer can be viewed below: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a cinematic fairy-tale adventure that the whole family can sit down and play. Jump into a classic Scandinavian story and play the 2.5D platforming style to your heart’s content with the classic run and jump gameplay, innovative puzzles, and some unique twists. Features and a statement are located below: Embark on this classic tale of brotherhood…

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Lumo Games News Nintendo Trailer 

Lumo Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Rising Star Games has announced that the critically acclaimed adventure game Lumo is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The trailer features below: “Lumo is a contemporary take on the isometric platform genre that will be enjoyed by anyone looking for an absorbing, challenging, and rewarding adventure. For those who lived through the golden age of video games – the ‘80s and early ‘90s – or familiar with the games and culture from that time, there are numerous salutes to the influential gaming period to be discovered and relished in Lumo. With over…

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seasons after fall Games News PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Seasons After Fall Out Now On Consoles

Swing Swing Submarine’s atmospheric puzzle-adventure game, seasons after fall has already won the hearts of critics and gamers alike when it was released on PC. Now today Xbox One and PS4 gamers can today also become enchanted by this enthralling adventure Travel this beautiful hand drawn work of art in the shoes of a wild fox who possess a strange power. The power of the seasons enables you to manipulate the world around you to gain new heights and explore new areas. Winter can enable you to freeze waterfalls, spring…

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Pineview Drive Games News PlayStation Trailer 

Pineview Drive Available On PlayStation 4

UIG Entertainment both a developer and publisher company has released the popular psychological thriller Pineview Drive on PlayStation 4 for download in North America. A trailer features below:   Pineview Drive is a first-person horror that goes into depth in a not so straightforward haunted house story. The title will put an emphasis on the players own interpretation of events. Players will begin their journey in an old abandoned mansion at the dead end of Pineview Drive. 20 years ago a man and his wife visited the same estate and on…

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Greyborn Studios Games News PC 

Greyborn Studios Steam Greenlight Debut

Greyborn Studios are a new up and coming independent game development studio founded by industry veterans. Together they have a wealth of experience from working as senior developers from award winning games such as; System shock 2 Thief, Skylanders and Magic The Gathering.  “While we’re a new independent studio, we are founded by very talented game developers who have worked on some of the biggest franchises in gaming. We created Greyborn Studios because we wanted to collaborate directly with gamers without the constraints of big publishing bureaucracy. This allows us to…

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Clustertruck Games PC Reviews 

Clustertruck Review

Clustertruck is a physics-based truck parkour game, developed by Landfall Games, using the Unity Engine. The basic premise is simple, featuring ‘the floor is lava-esque’ game-play, with increasingly difficult challenges as you progress through the levels. Clustertruck is a game about jumping from truck to truck, trying to avoid an endless slew of outrageous obstacles that push around not only you, but the obstacles too. A score is earned at the end of each level, which can be later used to purchase small upgrades and power-ups, such as double-jump or…

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