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Pre Order Deus Ex Games Opinion 

A Cure to Pre Order Culture: More Than “Just Stop”

Let’s talk about pre-ordering for a second. It’s done for one of two reasons: Either the game is so phenomenal, so well marketed and so hyped up that it is worth securing your spot early, even in a world where there are infinite digital copies and no limit to the amount a store can stock, or, as is the case FAR more often, the game publishers have wrapped some sweet extras in the package if you buy the game before it releases. There has not been a game released in…

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Alone Without Her Games News PC Trailer 

Alone Without Her Episode 1 Out Soon

Dizzy Media are releasing their game Alone Without Her very soon. An Alpha Preview features below:   Alone Without Her is a Sci-Fi Drama that places you in a character’s shoes who unfortunately loses his wife after conducting a new experiment to allow them both to be frozen for 1000 years. Dizzy Media promise a rich storyline from the creative minds of Sci-Fi enthusiasts, Episodic gameplay like the Telltale Series and Multiple Endings which offers more replayability. The game releases in 111 days on Steam and you can pre-order it at…

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