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Injustice 2 Batman Games PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Injustice 2 Review – DC Fighting at Its Best

The Story Injustice 2’s story picks up 5 years after the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Superman is in captivity and the world is starting to get back to it’s old ways before Superman’s regime. Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Harley Quinn have all teamed up to keep the world safe and find Superman’s escaped accessories. And that’s when everything starts to go downhill. Brainiac has made his way to Earth to collect its knowledge and to finish off the last of the Kryptonians. It’s up to you to…

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Gran Turismo Sport Games News PlayStation 

Gran Turismo Sport 1080p Screenshots

Screenshots have been released by Sony Interactive and Polyphony Digital for the long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive, ‘Gran Turismo Sport’. Showcasing the Porsche 911 GT3 RS in various lighting conditions, we’re more than impressed by how the game looks. Feast your eyes on these: We’re yet to receive word of a release date for Gran Turismo Sport, but we’re told it will be released within in the year. If these screenshots haven’t quite given you your fix, you can see a trailer of the 911 navigating Nürburgring Nordschleife below, in all its…

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Sonic Forces Games News Nintendo PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

New Sonic Forces Gameplay Released

SEGA today has released more footage of Sonic Forces to the public showing us classic 2d Sonic speeding through Green Hill Zone. The footage features below:   What do you think of the new footage? For me Sonic The Hedgehog was the game to start my gaming journey back in the early 90’s. While recently a few of the titles have been hit and miss I feel positive for the new generation of Sonic titles. Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania will both release in the holidays this year on Xbox…

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Friday the 13th Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Friday the 13th The Game Launch Date Announcement and Details

Friday the 13th developed by Gun Media and Illfonic has been given a release date. The title will release May 26th, 2017 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A launch trailer features below the video has been provided by Gamespot.   The trailer above shows the many executions you can pull off to try and stop Jason in his murderous acts. Friday the 13th The Game will be getting a single-player DLC later on in the summer as a free download. The title will be released at the digital…

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Outlast Trinity Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Outlast 2 and Outlast Trinity Launch Trailers Will Terrify You

April 25th is getting closer and that means Outlast 2 and Outlast Trinity are almost in our grasp. Red Barrels have released two launch trailers that you can view below: Outlast 2:   Outlast Trinity:   Outlast Trinity features the original game, the expansion and the sequel. The sequel places you into the role of a husband and wife both in the journalist occupation and are both huge risk takers. The risk this time, unfortunately, is too big for even them. Your investigation takes you to the Arizona desert into…

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Watch Dogs 2 Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

Watch Dogs 2 Patch Released Bringing New Content

We know for a lot of you the game is all but dead, but hopefully this manages to get a few of you back into the San Fran Bay area and hacking away: A new free patch has been released for Watch Dogs 2, bringing with it a host of new content and bug fixes, including a new mode for online play, ‘Showd0wn’. The patch releases today across all platforms. The full details can be found below: • New Online Mode: Showd0wn – This is a new type of online gameplay…

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Mantis Burn Racing Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Mantis Burn Racing DLC Now Available To Download

VooFoo Studios has just announced that the first two downloadable content packs for Mantis Burn Racing are available to download. The two packs are available for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Two trailers showing the Snowbound Pack DLC and the Elite Class DLC feature below:   The Snowbound Pack adds a new snowy location, 4 new tracks to slip and slide around on and season 2 and 3 veteran class career. The Elite Class adds several new vehicles and a new Elite Class career mode for you…

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Destiny 2 Games News PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Destiny 2 World Wide Trailer Released Yes It’s Coming to PC

Bungie and Activision have released the main trailer for the upcoming Destiny 2. The biggest news of course is that it is coming to the PC finally and will arrive September 8th. The trailer can be watched below:   The trailer has finally released and shows that the guardians have lost almost everything and their home. Also added into the trailer is a little bit of light-hearted humour while an important speech is being made about standing together to take back their home and also get a lot of loot….

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Wipeout Games News PlayStation Trailer 

Wipeout Omega Collection Arrives On PlayStation 4 Soon

Sony has announced that the Wipeout Omega Collection will arrive on PlayStation 4 June 7th. A trailer features below:   The title will feature tracks from Wipeout HD, Fury and 2048, this also includes a career mode for each separate game. As with all the old games, players will be happy to know that you’ll be able to crack a beer open and order some pizza and play some classic couch co-op (split screen) which we don’t see much of anymore. For those who prefer to live the solo life in…

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Destiny 2 Games News PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Destiny 2 Official Last Call Trailer

Activision and Bungie are yet again teasing the recently revealed Destiny 2. The teaser trailer features below:   The full trailer will release March 30th 10 am PST. Again not much detail on the game yet as this is just a teaser, and a good one at that, I’m looking forward to seeing how it will pan out. To make Destiny 2 better more content needs adding and after yesterday’s post the main addition that would sell me on it would be randomly generated dungeons to do raids on therefore…

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