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Mass Effect Andromeda Games Opinion PC PlayStation Xbox 

Mass Effect Andromeda And Its Mixed Reception

Mass Effect Andromeda has recently received a very mixed reception since its early access on Ea and Origin Access. The early access look gave subscribers a 10-hour trial and the first few hours of the campaign. The complaints we’ve been hearing is animation issues, voice acting and many bugs. A few examples from player and critic experiences feature below: Rock Paper Shotgun: “The first few hours of Andromeda are a gruesome trudge through the most trite bilge of the previous three games, smeared out in a setting that’s horribly familiar, burdened…

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Battlefield 1 Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Battlefield 1 Reviewed War Never Stops

Battlefield 1 was developed by DICE and published by EA and is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Story Battlefield 1 puts you in the shoes of multiple soldiers in World War One. You will battle on the front line. After each death, the game displays the date of birth and death when switching to the next soldier. Other missions set you as a character who you have full control of, coursing you to feel and empathize within this horrible conflict. That’s what separates Battlefield 1 with every other…

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