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Demon Souls Games News PlayStation Trailer 

Demon Souls To Be Taken Offline

It is with a sad gaming heart that the team at From Software have announced that the popular first entry in the Souls series Demon Souls servers is to be shut down. If you aren’t sure what the game is a trailer feature below: The game was the first entry to the now very popular Souls series. Players would start off in a mysterious world as an undead and have to fight through intensely difficult enemies and navigate corridors and open spaces full of traps, mystical creatures and so much…

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Hitman Season 1 Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

Hitman Offline Update

Square Enix and iO Interactive has released their latest patch for Hitman. The most noticeable change is that Hitman will be now playable offline, this means when you earn something online you’ll be able to save the progress and continue playing. This is fantastic news for those who struggled with internet connections and couldn’t play. A few patch notes feature below, you can find the full patch notes HERE. Offline Profile Stability Sweep Opportunity¬†Completion Checkmark Silent Assassin Rating Display Major Update to Statistic Page Pause Menu Mission Accomplished Screen Update…

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