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The Evil Within 2 Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

The Evil Within 2 Now Available Online and in Stores

The Evil Within 2 is now available to buy on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. The launch trailer features below: Critics and gamers have been rating the game pretty highly with a Metacritic score of 80 and a user average of 8.7 proving that the game is a hit already and a perfect sequel to its predecessor. Sebastian Castellanos is thrown back into the nightmare born from the infamous STEM but this time the mission is personal. He must find his daughter Lily who he thought died years ago…

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The Evil Within 2 Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer Released

Bethesda today has launched the brand new launch trailer for the upcoming The Evil Within 2 game that will release on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on October 13th. The trailer can be viewed before: Sebastian Castellanos is thrown back into the nightmare born from the infamous STEM but this time the mission is personal. He must find his daughter Lily who he thought died years ago and as the world crumbles around him he must save her and himself from being lost in STEM. What lengths will he…

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Battle Royale Games News Nintendo PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Battle Royale Game Announced For Nintendo Switch

Black Riddles Studios has announced that they will be bringing Crazy Justice, the Nintendo Switch’s first game with a Battle Royale mode. The game will release late 2018. A crowdfunding link and trailer both feature below as the company are trying to raise $30,000. Fig crowdfunding The campaign has already reached $19,000 and has 9 days left to raise the rest. The features in the game are listed below: Building and upgrading system Destructible environments Cross-platform support Motion control support on the Nintendo Switch Splitscreen support for up to 4 players Cover…

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Middle Earth Shadow of War Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Middle Earth Shadow of War 101 Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released another video showcasing more of the upcoming title Middle Earth Shadow of War, the trailer can be viewed below: Middle Earth Shadow of War is the sequel to Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor and features a massive open world with RPG elements. With more enemies, more to explore, armies to build the game is already shaping up to be a hit. The title will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC October 10th, will you be picking it up?

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Middle Earth Shadow of War Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Middle Earth Shadow of War Tribal Trailers

For the past few weeks, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has been teasing us with the new tribal trailers that show off the new tribe system in Middle Earth Shadow of War. The tribes are used in the famous nemesis system with Orcs and Uruk belonging to certain tribes which affect the gameplay in many different ways, if you weaken a tribe the whole tribe will come together to try and stop you, or if the numbers grow in a certain tribe they each get stronger. Below is a collection of…

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Vostok Inc. Games News Nintendo Trailer 

Vostok Inc. Arriving On The Nintendo Switch in 2017

Wired Productions and Nose Bleed Interactive are teaming up to bring the cult favourite Vostok Inc to the Nintendo Switch in 2017. The trailer features below: Vostok Inc is promised to bring the same addictive gameplay that people have come to know and love to the Nintendo Switch. It also offers some fantastic twin-stick action and addictive minigames to give players a huge amount of freedom over gameplay. Players will step into the role of a corrupt, narcissistic yuppie that is trying to make as much money as possible no…

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Maps and Modes Revealed In Trailer

EA and Jon Boyega team up to announce the experience that players will take part in Star Wars Battlefront 2. The trailer features below: As you can see this time around it boasts a lot more content than the original, check the evidence in the screenshot below: There are now 14 maps to play in on launch, 14 heroes and 39 vehicles, almost triple that of the original Battlefront game, it seems that EA listened and DICE is about to launch one hell of a Star Wars game for the…

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Mugsters Games News 

Team17 and Reinkout Announced Action Puzzler Mugsters

Team17 and Reinkout announce a new action-packed puzzler named Mugsters. Players will rescue survivors, destroy aliens and will have to get the hell out of dodge. A trailer features below: Fast Paced Action! – Tackle a variety of dangers across a series of ingenious levels.  Watch out for alien abduction rays, rocket turrets and a myriad of traps whilst escaping the pesky invaders, who are forever on your heels. Physics! – Experiment with a physics-based, sandbox environment. Complete your objectives as you see fit, and throw in a few exploding barrels for…

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Retro Games News 

New Retro Game Subscription Service Now Active And We Want It is a brand new retro web-based subscription box service that will deliver original classic games to your door every month.Use special code CREEPSCORE20 for a 20% discount on $29.99 price. Below is a statement from the company: “As gamers ourselves, we wanted a way to build up our own retro games collections with genuine quality classic cartridges at a fair price,” said Guy. After disappointments with other services that either provided low-end games, long waiting times or limited access to imported retro games they decided to set up our own…

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Xbox Live Indie Games Games News Xbox 

Xbox Indie Games To Close After 29th of September

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Live Indie Games will come to a close on the 29th of September. You will still be able to redownload the games but it is recommended you do it before the 29th of September. Below is a screenshot of the tweet from Xbox. It was announced two years ago that the service would shut down and a road map to the end was released showing how it would slowly end. The indie developers that have games on the service will be paid the last…

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