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Guild Wars 2 Games PC Reviews 

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Review

Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire is now available on PC and was developed by Arena Net. Years ago Guild Wars 1 was released and I was hooked, it was the only MMORPG as a kid that I was allowed to play largely down to the free subscription Arena Net was always great with the free subscription based MMO’s. The gameplay was addictive, the game looked pretty and it had a decent story-line. A few years later Guild Wars 2 was announced and then released 5…

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Dark and Light Games News PC 

Dark and Light Closed Beta Oppourtunity

Snail Gamesa leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment have announced today that many new features have been announced for their new game, Dark and Light. The invite will be held before the early access launch later this year. A trailer features below:   Dark and Light throws players into an immersive fantasy world that is full of magic, monsters and mystery. To survive you will need to craft, explore, and master powerful magic and become the most powerful player in the game. Below is a list of features taken…

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Age of Heroes VR Games News PC Trailer 

Age of Heroes VR Launches Kickstarter Campaign

OmniGames are proud to announce that they have launched Age of Heroes VR onto Kickstarter. The campaign is displayed HERE. The┬átrailer features below courtesy of Gamespot Trailers:   Age of Heroes VR is a multiplayer raid combat game that takes inspiration from co-op based MMO’s but this game does it all in VR. The developers have also provided a full body movement system to make the experience even more realistic. OmniGames made this statement: “We have the private resources that will allow us to deliver the core product. Actually, we…

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Darkfall Rise of Agon Games News PC Trailer 

Darkfall Rise of Agon Update Adds Many Changes

Big Picture Games has been working around the clock to create an easier system for Darkfall Rise of Agon. They have strived to make the MMORPG less of a grind. Players will now level three times faster and new players will receive 500,000 mediation points in character creation. A trailer showing off the update features below:   Not only is the leveling system being changed but the reach of the great axe and great club has been upgraded to function like a greatsword. Weapons have also been upgraded to be…

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Darkfall Rise of Agon Games News PC 

Darkfall Rise of Agon Free Trial Extended

Big Picture Games has recently had a trial period for Darkfall Rise of Agon, they have now decided to further extend the free trial. Big Picture Games said it is not only to give people more┬átime but also to use the opportunity to activate some Halloween items. If you are interested in trying the game out, follow this LINK. A patch has also been released which will add a new enchanting mechanic. Players can make enchanted gems and embed them into their equipment giving them all sorts of bonuses, not…

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FINAL FANTASY XIV Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

FINAL FANTASY XIV Stormblood Expansion

Square Enix this weekend unveiled the much-anticipated expansion pack to the ever growing FINAL FANTASY XIV. The expansion was revealed during its fan festival in Las Vegas. The trailer features below:   The trailer shows the Warrior of Light using his new skills in a match with a mysterious woman in red on top of a colossal statue while resistance fighters are readying for a big battle below. Included in the new expansion are new jobs, level cap raised to 70, new areas to explore, and new dungeons, raids, and…

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