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Wired Productions Begins Campaign To Raise Awareness of Mental Health Issues

Wired Productions who in my opinion is already a fantastic studio that has been great to work with has begun a year long campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues. We at Creep-Score are mostly a group of people that suffer from one type of mental health issue and we have a firm stance and belief on gaming and mental illness and how the two can be brought together for good. Enough of our vision, it’s time to talk about Wired Productions vision. Below Leo Zullo gives his stance…

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The Town of Light Games Opinion PC PlayStation Xbox 

Wired Productions Talks About Building The Town Of Light

Wired Productions have released an article talking about building The Town of Light. Below is the article on building The Town of Light then below that quote is my opinion on The Town of Light. Navigating the corridors, rooms and grounds of Italian psychiatric asylum the Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra today elicits a very different atmosphere to when it was still fully operational – right up until the late 1970s. Its walls have succumbed to nature and its roofs no longer protect from the elements, yet remnants of the pain…

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The CHECKPOINT Series Games News Nintendo PC PlayStation Xbox 

The CHECKPOINT Series – Raising Awareness About Mental Illness Using Video Games

Mental illness is something that affects people from every walk of life. It’s something that continues to be stigmatised, and is the leading cause of disability in young people. Dr. Jennifer Hazel is taking steps to combat that stigma, having recently released a kickstarter project, The CHECKPOINT Series. The goal of The CHECKPOINT Series is to raise awareness, and connect with people where they are. Research has shown that those afflicted by mental illness seek help from the internet, instead of medical professionals. The CHECKPOINT Series aims to help these…

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