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Blood Bowl 2 Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition Launch Trailer

Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition trailer is been launched which means it’s finally coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC very soon. The trailer features below: Are you excited for the Legendary edition? Well, you should be, with 24 teams all with unique star players, new stadiums and more, the Legendary Edition really shows that there is a lot of new content to be found. Also for the first time, players will be able to create their own custom teams with team mates of different races. This also offers…

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Blood Bowl 2 Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition’s Content Reveal

The Legendary Edition of Blood Bowl 2 has received a trailer revealing the content inside the pack. The trailer features below:   The highly anticipated Legendary Edition will bring much-loved races and star players from the board game, a new game mode called cheer leaders gone wild and eternal league which has you in the coach role. Other additions include a challenge mode that throws the rules around a little to make the game more crazy and wild and lastly you’ll be able to do all this in the new…

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