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Ambition Power Games News PC 

Ambition A Minuet in Power Now On KickStarter

Joy Manufacturing Co is proud to announce that their upcoming Ambition a Minuet in Power is now on Kickstarter and you can find the Kickstarter right HERE. Below is a list of features: Gameplay focused on socializing and deception. Work the room and tell people what they want to hear in order to advance your Reputation. Carefully manage your social calendar to make sure you attend all the right parties without stretching yourself too thin and becoming exhausted. Acquire and choose from dozens of outfits based on actual fashion plates and…

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Ambition Power Games News 

Ambition A Minuet In Power Coming Soon To Kickstarter

In Ambition, A Minute In Power Players take the role of a lone woman in the streets of Paris abandoned by what she thought was the love of her life. France, however, is facing a violent uprising that will change the history of France forever. You’ll have to navigate the social politics of pre-revolutionary Paris in a game that changes every time you play, you’ll have to get to the point where history is kind to you and you win everything by being top in the current social hierarchy. Joy…

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all walls must fall Games News PC 

All Walls Must Fall New Kickstarter stretch goal

The independent game development studio inbetweengames, took to kickstarter in the hopes of funding their latest title All walls must fall. Thanks to supporters their initial target of 15,000 has already been surpassed, in a mere 5 days. “We are ecstatic to reach our initial funding goal for All Walls Must Fall, in the first five days and would like to thank every backer that has belief in our vision, so we can turn this into a reality. We are excited about pushing our vision for All Walls Must Fall further, with…

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Touchdown Armour League Games News PC 

Touchdown Armour League Coming Soon

Touchdown: Armour League is football with an exciting twist, players will fight head to head in 6v6 arena matches while also playing football. What’s a true fight without making a mark on others by customising the perfect player to show who’s boss? Touchdown: Armour League will let you equip highly customizable power suits that will both strengthen your teamwork and strategy to make sure you’re the winner. More features are listed below: ? Experience competitive team-based gameplay in a 6v6 online multiplayer arena—fight for control of the ball and score…

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Mordhau Games News PC Trailer 

Mordhau Gameplay Trailer and Kickstarter

Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval fighting game in which players will be able to fight in 1 on 1 duels all the way to large open world battles consisting of 64 players. A trailer features below:   Mordhau features a skill-based free-flowing combat system that is easy to learn but it can be quite difficult to master, but once mastered you’ll be named the ultimate warrior. Chaining your attacks into combos will wipe the enemies of their feet unless they’re quick to counter you and pummel you into the ground….

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Eisenwald Games News PC 

Eisenwald: Blood of November Out Now

Arterdux Entertainment the developers behind the successful Legends of Eisenwald have today announced the release of Eisenwald: Blood of November on Steam and Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the title will be the latest edition to the franchise, but completely stand alone. Adventure through the medieval world of Eisenwald, The duke is dead, and only you can decide who is fit to rule. Two factions are at war for the chance to be crowned, you must take a side. The game will feature: Random events that add a great amount of…

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Fanart Games News 

Undertale Fanart Book Launched On Kickstarter

Creepscore previously covered a news piece on Gamers For Good and how they want to create conversations on Mental Health, by creating an Undertale, Fanart Charity book. READ: Gamers For Good Creating Conversations With Charity Fan Art Book The good news is after receiving over 1000 different submissions from a diverse set of artists, Gamers for good have now started its Kickstarter campaign. As previously mentioned, The charity Fanart book has been created to raise not only conversations about Mental but much-needed funds too. Supporting mental health programs at three gaming…

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The Button Bashers Trailer Games News Trailer 

The Button Bashers How It Is / Was Trailer

The team behind The Button Bashers film has released a brand new trailer, the trailer features  below:   The trailer features small interviews with multiple people about their favorite games of the past, and also a little chat with Jim Bagley who is a massive supporter of the film. Also featured in the trailer is a small look at the movie its self. The Button Bashers is a docudrama film that will show people the UK gaming scene of the 1980’s. The film will have interviews with developers of old…

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The Button Bashers Games News 

The Button Bashers: A Celebration of the Golden Era in Gaming

The Button Bashers is a 100-minute feature film celebrating the golden era in gaming.  The Button Bashers will combine interviews, scripts and improv to provide a look into the UK’s games development scene in the 1980’s.  A trailer features below:   Directed by Lee Bolton the independent feature film will feature cast and interviews from various developers across the UK gaming scene.  Already confirmed cast and developers are as follows: Ewen MacIntosh – Starred in such TV shows as The Office and Little Britain. Peter Harrap (Monty Mole) Jon Ritman…

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