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Fallout: New Vegas – New California Developer Exclusive Interview

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Brandan Lee, project leader for Fallout: New California, (formerly Project Brazil). Being direct, I naturally asked him the first question that came to mind. (Please understand that this interview was conducted before the project was renamed.) “First off, when will part two be released?” “When it’s done.” Brandan says. Fair enough. The team gets asked this question almost every day as they post updates on their Facebook page.   “Where did the name Project Brazil originate?” “Project Brazil…

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Crash Force Games Opinion PC 

Crash Force Developer Session with Ascanio Entertainment

I was lucky enough last night on the 31st of January to sit down with Ascanio Games and play their new title, Crash Force, now available on Steam in Early Access. In the main menu, you are able to choose from a selection of hover tank like vehicles, each with special and unique abilities. Unlike other games with standard abilities like, here’s a forcefield or here is a missile, Crash Force is trying to be different with powers like opening worm holes to revert back to a starter position, or…

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ThatGuyRivers Games Opinion PC 

Interview with Twitch Streamer ThatGuyRivers

Today we decided to something a little different. We sat down with ThatGuyRivers also known as Jake Rivers from Plymouth and got a little insight into his gaming and streaming life. Jake Rivers has been streaming since October 2015. Jake would love to turn his streaming into a full-time career one day and welcomes anyone to his channel even if it’s just for a chat. What got you into Twitch streaming and why?  What got me into streaming. I have been watching content creators for years now. I would say…

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