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Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL Games News Nintendo Trailer 

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL Is Making Its Way To The Nintendo Switch

Wired Productions is proud to announce that the hit indie game Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL is coming to the Nintendo Switch. You can view the trailer below: A statement by Leo Zullo the Managing Director at Wired Productions is available to view below: “Tiny Troopers is a modern arcade classic and simply great fun from start to finish.” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions, “It’s a perfect game to play on the go and the flexibility that players will have on Switch will be an unparalleled experience.” Tiny…

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Heavy Metal Machines Games News PC 

Heavy Metal Machines And Its Multiple Updates

Hoplon the developers behind Heavy Metal Machines have released a major bomb upgrade for the combat racing MOBA. Not only is there a bomb update but also new modes, community features and registration details for inaugural Esports European Tournament. A gameplay video and dev diary feature below:   Hoplon will be offering a staggering 10,000 Euros in the first ever Heavy Metal Machines Esports competition. The competition will take place later this summer and registration will open July 1st. New Community Features – Teams Players can now run with crews of…

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Oh... Sir!! The Insult Simulator Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator Review – The Ultimate Argument

Oh… Sir!! The Insult Simulator Review will be available on PlayStation 4 May 30th and Xbox One sometime in June. The title is also available on Steam now. It’s always great to see a game not take its self so seriously and a game to just make you laugh and Oh… Sir!! The Insult Simulator achieves this in both ways. You’re given the chance to chose from multiple characters each hilarious, and a place to argue, for example, a pet shop in which you argue over a dead parrot or…

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Victor Vran Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Voice Actor Doug Cockle Returns to Victor Vran

Doug Cockle the voice of Geralt in The Witcher series and the voice of Victor Vran himself is back for the Motorhead: Through The Ages and Fractured Worlds DLC. A video features below:   Alongside, the announcement of Doug Cockle returning to the series a website has been launched for Victor Vran HERE. Not only that but the developers at Haemimomt Games and Publishers at Wired Productions have announced a partnership with Gamepedia for the titles official game wiki. The title will be available via digital and retail for £34.99…

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Abadon Guardians Rise Games News PC Xbox 

Abadon Guardians Rise Indie Showcase

Ummagumma Games have announced their first update of the year for their upcoming game Abadon: Guardians Rise which will be released on the Xbox One and PC. In the first update, a prototype for the in-game world map has been revealed. You can view the image below:   Abadon: Guardians Rise combines 2D platforming levels with a top down shoot em up world map section. This will blend two types of gameplay together to keep it fresh and new. In the world map, players will explore to find the location of the…

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A Gummy's Life Games Opinion PC 

A Gummy’s Life Early Impressions

The guys at Mana Marketing sent me a copy of A Gummy’s Life on Steam the other day, here’s my take on it. A Gummy’s Life on Steam is currently in early access but offers a really strange yet unique and fun experience. As a physics-based brawler, it attracted my attention as games like these often yield hilarious results. The objective is to beat up the other gummies either online, solo or split screen and avoid the maps hazards. The map will attempt to destroy you as well as everything…

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