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Outlast Trinity Games News PC 

Outlast and Expansion Currently Free On Humble Store

Outlast and the Whistle Blower DLC is currently free on Humble Store HERE. A trailer features below: Humble Bundle is releasing the first Outlast and the Whistle Blower DLC free for a limited time for the PC. If you haven’t played the horror game already now is your perfect chance to hop on board and play a really good horror with a decent story-line and good gameplay.

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LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 Review

LEGO Dimensions is available now on Wii U, PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC and is developed by TT Games. Wave 9 is also available now. LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 features The Powerpuff Girls, Beetlejuice and Teen Titans but are they any good? As always yes, the LEGO Dimensions always delivers a content-rich experience with each pack they release and none of these is any different. If anything the Beetlejuice pack has to be in my top 3 LEGO Dimension waves. The way the hub world perfectly…

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F1 2017 Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

F1 2017 Short Review From A Casual Perspective

F1 2017 is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and was developed by Codemasters. This review is coming from a player who has no real knowledge on cars, or Formula 1 in general. A year ago I reviewed F1 2016 on another website and I did my research and saw that it was a real jump from F1 2015 which was regarded as pretty disappointing. F1 2016 took it up to a level that got the series back into positive scores with the critics and players alike….

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Mugsters Games News 

Team17 and Reinkout Announced Action Puzzler Mugsters

Team17 and Reinkout announce a new action-packed puzzler named Mugsters. Players will rescue survivors, destroy aliens and will have to get the hell out of dodge. A trailer features below: Fast Paced Action! – Tackle a variety of dangers across a series of ingenious levels.  Watch out for alien abduction rays, rocket turrets and a myriad of traps whilst escaping the pesky invaders, who are forever on your heels. Physics! – Experiment with a physics-based, sandbox environment. Complete your objectives as you see fit, and throw in a few exploding barrels for…

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Surf World Series Games News PlayStation Trailer 

Wired Productions Snaps Up Distribution Rights to Surf World

Wired Productions, the developers, and publishers who are really making themselves known in the gaming industry and their next move is a big one. Wired Productions announce that they now have the distribution rights to Surf World Series. A trailer features below: Ride monster waves at 5 of the world’s most iconic shorelines, from the infamous Bell’s Beach, Australia, to the extreme waves at Waimea Bay, Hawaii Become a master, learning increasingly difficult tricks along the way, from nailing kickflips and cutbacks to landing massive aerials and navigating treacherous tubes…

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Expand Games News PC PlayStation Trailer 

UKIYO Publishing Announces First Project Expand

UKIYO Publishing has announced its first project named Expand, the popular Steam game will now come to the PlayStation 4. The trailer features below: Expand will arrive on PlayStation 4 in Europe and the United States on October 3rd, 2017. Players will traverse through a labyrinth of rotating, expanding levels. The title was originally released on Steam in 2015 by Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin. The game was critically loved around the world. “As our first project, we’re delighted to utilize our invaluable experience to port a much-loved and successful game to…

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy Games PlayStation Reviews 

Uncharted the Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted The Lost Legacy is the next, and possibly not the last, in the series from developer Naughty Dog and was the DLC for Uncharted 4 that became a standalone game. It’s set in India, or more specifically the Western Ghats area, and stars Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2 and 3 and Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4 as our protagonists, instead of Nathan Drake. The question is, does it work? This time we are searching for the fabled Tusk of Ganesh, which according to Hindu legend, Ganesh lost in battle…

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Retro Games News 

Enter Code At Retro Bit Game And Get Discount On Monthly Retro Box

To you our lucky readers we have the chance to give you a special 20% off the Retro Game Box we talked about in a previous article HERE. Enter code CREEPSCORE20 at the checkout and receive 20% off the $29.99 and don’t forget it’s free global shipping. What are you waiting for? Your chance to get 3 random classic games per month is waiting. So visit and use CREEPSCORE20 for your chance to receive some classic gaming goodies. The Retro Game Box is fairly new and each month you’ll…

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Retro Games News 

New Retro Game Subscription Service Now Active And We Want It is a brand new retro web-based subscription box service that will deliver original classic games to your door every month.Use special code CREEPSCORE20 for a 20% discount on $29.99 price. Below is a statement from the company: “As gamers ourselves, we wanted a way to build up our own retro games collections with genuine quality classic cartridges at a fair price,” said Guy. After disappointments with other services that either provided low-end games, long waiting times or limited access to imported retro games they decided to set up our own…

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Daath Origins Games News PC 

Daath Origins Now Available On Steam Early Access

Daath Origins the sci-fi space opera from Black Lodge Games LLC has now been released on Steam Early Access. A trailer features below: Players will be able to explore a massive 36-sector galaxy, 500 hand crafted planets with over 75 playable quests and seemingly infinite strange encounters with spatial anomalies, black holes, criminals and much more. Below is a list of features: Daath Origins’ game-play uniquely combines turn-based elements of the SNES-era with RPG mechanics and enhancements of its own, Leaves decision-making to the player, letting them choose between incurring…

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