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LEGO Dimensions Is No More Confirms Warner Bros.

Sadly TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will not be continuing the 3rd year of LEGO Dimensions despite the 3 year plan. You can view the statement below or HERE. Reasons for stopping the packs are unknown but Toys to Life has been struggling in recent years and you have to wonder if it didn’t sell well enough to keep going. It’s a shame because for two years it was one of the best Toys to Life games out there because everyone loves LEGO and TT Games managed to…

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Hunt Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Crytek’s Hunt Showdown Has Returned And Is Coming Soon

Crytek has brought Hunt back from the dead after a long battle with financial issues. Crytek instead of giving up has fought to get back up the ladder with developers going several months without pay to keep it alive which is very honourable and respectful in my opinion. Hoping to make money from the game and the CryEngine side of things will Crytek bounce back? Below is a trailer for the multiplayer co-op action game. The trailer is courtesy of MKIceAndFire:   I support Crytek’s employees for fighting for the…

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Starpoint Games News PC Trailer 

Starpoint Gemini Warlord Out Now On PC

Little Green Men Games and Iceberg Interactive are proud to announce that Starpoint Gemini Warlords is now available to purchase on PC. The game will enter Steam Early Access this May. A trailer features below:   Below is what CEO of Little Green Men Games Mario Mihokovic about the release: “4X Strategy was the last frontier left to explore.” says Mario Mihokovic, CEO of Little Green Men Games. “Starpoint Gemini and Starpoint Gemini 2 already blurred the lines between Space Sim and RPG and with Warlords we went one step…

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Dead Island 2 Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Dead Island 2 Is Still Coming

Sumo Digital have confirmed in a statement that Dead Island 2 is still in development. For those that don’t know about the title, a trailer below shows gameplay that was released in 2014. Trailer courtesy of IGN.   The statement made by Sumo Digital Features below: “We are also incredibly proud to be working on the highly anticipated ‘Crackdown 3’ (Xbox One) and ‘Dead Island 2’ (multi-platform) plus several other exciting but yet unannounced projects.” I hope for a 2017 release for the game as I was a huge fan…

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The Unique Adventure Games Opinion PC Reviews Trailer 

The Unique Adventure Demo Impressions

I was lucky enough to get the chance to play The Unique Adventure Demo and do a little review on the demo, this is what I thought. The Unique Adventure is a first-person comedy adventure game in which you star as Bob. A drunk Bob seems to think it would be a fantastic idea to go see his ex-girlfriend. Bob, unfortunately, has an accident and wakes up in a mysterious flat with a voice instructing him what to do. The question remains throughout the demo, are you able to trust…

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Hitman Season 1 Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Hitman Season 2 Confirmed by iO Interactive

iO Interactive took part in an interview with French website Gamergen and during the chat, Hakan Abrak of iO Interactive confirmed that a Season 2 of Hitman is happening. Details suggest that the later episodes will be released on the current launcher for Season 1. All content added in Season 2 will be released the same as Season 1 did. A trailer of the final episode features below:   All content, elusive targets and escalations will all be present still in Season 1 and the content you have unlocked in…

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Battlefield 1 Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

Battlefield 1 Reviewed War Never Stops

Battlefield 1 was developed by DICE and published by EA and is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Story Battlefield 1 puts you in the shoes of multiple soldiers in World War One. You will battle on the front line. After each death, the game displays the date of birth and death when switching to the next soldier. Other missions set you as a character who you have full control of, coursing you to feel and empathize within this horrible conflict. That’s what separates Battlefield 1 with every other…

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The Last Guardian Games News PlayStation 

The Last Guardian Has Now Gone Gold

Today on Twitter marks a brilliant day for everyone who has been eagerly awaiting The Last Guardian. Jun Yoshino a Sony Interactive Entertainment Producer on the team behind The Last Guardian, said “Gone Gold. Waddup.” The tweet features below: Unfortunately, it seems the tweet was deleted along with Guerilla Games tweeting congratulations. Has the game truly gone gold? Or did someone jump the gun a little bit too fast? We at Creep-Score endeavour to keep you updated with any  further developments down the line. Don’t forget to leave a comment below…

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