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Fortnite Early Access Preview

Fortnite by Epic Games is available now in early access on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fortnite was a game I followed when I saw it showcase at E3, it looked almost unique in the way you could build the most magnificent forts to defend from hordes of monsters though I think they’re zombies. The loot system sounded fun, the characters individuality and customisation were right up my street and I love games with a creative aspect to it. My overall experience was mostly positive with a few hits…

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Fortnite Is Now Available Now

Fortnite from Epic Entertainment is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in stores. The retail version includes the founder’s pack of loot, weapons and heroes. The launch trailer features below:   Fortnite features the world where 98% of the population has disappeared and what is left behind are hordes of monsters. You must build the ultimate defence and fend off waves of the enemy to survive. Below is a list of features: Key Features Hero Complex Recruit and train commandos, ninjas, constructors, and outlanders to take on…

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Fortnite Games Opinion PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Why I’m Looking Forward To Fortnite

Fortnite is shooter by Epic Games in which you must build the greatest defences to stop oncoming hordes of monsters. You’ll design unique bases in procedurally generated worlds and craft epic weapons to aid you in the war. 98% of the population disappeared and you’re the only survivors left, you must fight the hordes to survive. Fortnite will be free-to-play in 2018. When I first saw Fortnite at E3 2017 I was seriously taken back by how fun it looks, the creativity and the destruction all looks so addictive. I thought…

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