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Citadel: Forged With Fire Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

Forge A Citadel With Blue Isle Studios

This summer, Blue Isle Studios, developers of Slender: The Arrival and Valley will be turning their talent toward a traditional fantasy setting. Their new intellectual property, Citadel: Forged With Fire is set to reinvent the open-world RPG. The gameplay trailer features broomsticks, dragons, magical combat, and sweeping visual shots of scenic terrain. Alex Tintor, one of Blue Isle Studio’s directors, acknowledged the ambitious and unfamiliar nature of the game, stating “Citadel is a completely new genre for us, our biggest goal with this title is to work closely with our community to build…

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ELEX Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Elex Prologue Trailer Now Available

THQ Nordic Present a Piranha Bytes production, ELEX, an upcoming Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG set to release Q3 of this year on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. The Prologue trailer features below:   “Magalan… home to a civilization of millions. After the comet hit, earthquakes shattered its cities and firestorms swept the planet. As Magalan fell into darkness, the survivors faced a world that was unrecognizable…” Players will find themselves in a world that is controlled by a substance called ELEX and the prologue introduces you to that world. In a…

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FINAL FANTASY XIV Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

FINAL FANTASY XIV Stormblood Expansion

Square Enix this weekend unveiled the much-anticipated expansion pack to the ever growing FINAL FANTASY XIV. The expansion was revealed during its fan festival in Las Vegas. The trailer features below:   The trailer shows the Warrior of Light using his new skills in a match with a mysterious woman in red on top of a colossal statue while resistance fighters are readying for a big battle below. Included in the new expansion are new jobs, level cap raised to 70, new areas to explore, and new dungeons, raids, and…

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