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Fallout: New Vegas – New California Developer Exclusive Interview

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Brandan Lee, project leader for Fallout: New California, (formerly Project Brazil). Being direct, I naturally asked him the first question that came to mind. (Please understand that this interview was conducted before the project was renamed.) “First off, when will part two be released?” “When it’s done.” Brandan says. Fair enough. The team gets asked this question almost every day as they post updates on their Facebook page.   “Where did the name Project Brazil originate?” “Project Brazil…

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Fallout 3 Review – Here’s What Our New Writer Bram Thought About It

Firstly I would like to address that Fallout 3 is my favourite game of all time. I have never felt so involved in any other RPG. It is truly an epic game. The game starts off in vault 101, following a nuclear apocalypse. You play as a baby for a short while. As the game quickly advances, your age rises, and you find yourself in a sticky situation. The vault is on meltdown and your father has fled. The main quest is to find your father by travelling through the…

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The Fallout Crate Is Back And You Can Pre-Order It Now

In today’s news, the Fallout Crate is back and we couldn’t be happier about that. Loot Crate has announced that you will now be able to pre-order the bi-monthly Crate crammed with Fallout goodies worth up to $65 and it’s Vault Boy approved! A trailer features below:   Also included are 4 to 6 items ranging from collectables to apparel there will also be a power armour set to build and it will come piece by piece in each kit. If you pre-order you’ll also get a special bonus item,…

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Fallout Shelter Now Available on Windows 10 and Xbox One

The hugely popular Fallout Shelter from Bethesda the developers behind such games as The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout have brought the title to Windows 10, and Xbox One. A new trailer features below:   Players step into the role of the vault overseer and build your own vault of your dreams and invite dwellers to live with you. Not only do you manage the dweller’s daily lives but you can send the on scavenging adventures in the wasteland. Fallout Shelter is now available on the Xbox Store and Windows…

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