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The Town of Light Games Opinion PC PlayStation Xbox 

Wired Productions Talks About Building The Town Of Light

Wired Productions have released an article talking about building The Town of Light. Below is the article on building The Town of Light then below that quote is my opinion on The Town of Light. Navigating the corridors, rooms and grounds of Italian psychiatric asylum the Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra today elicits a very different atmosphere to when it was still fully operational – right up until the late 1970s. Its walls have succumbed to nature and its roofs no longer protect from the elements, yet remnants of the pain…

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Perception Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Perception Making Its Way To Xbox One

The Deep End Games and Publisher Feardemic are proud to announce that Perception, the first-person narrative horror adventure, will be making its way to Xbox One. Previously it was announced that the title would only make it to PC and PlayStation 4, Bill Gardner creative director at The Deep End Games had this to say about the announcement: “We didn’t want to leave Xbox One players in the dark—no pun intended—by supporting their console of choice. We’re really excited that Xbox fans will be able to experience the unique world…

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Resident Evil 7 Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Welcome Home Trailer for Resident Evil 7

Capcom has released another terrifying trailer to get us in the mood for Resident Evil 7. The trailer features below:   Capcom wants to take players back into the survival horror genre that made Resident Evil the icon in the video games industry. Resident Evil delivers a disturbingly realistic experience that will keep you glued to your controllers/keyboard and mouse while exploring the horror home. Players will need to use all the skills they’ve to learn to complete puzzles, navigate the way forward and be faced with terrifying oddities. Resident…

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