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Fortnite Early Access Preview

Fortnite by Epic Games is available now in early access on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fortnite was a game I followed when I saw it showcase at E3, it looked almost unique in the way you could build the most magnificent forts to defend from hordes of monsters though I think they’re zombies. The loot system sounded fun, the characters individuality and customisation were right up my street and I love games with a creative aspect to it. My overall experience was mostly positive with a few hits…

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Paragon Monolith Update Games News PC PlayStation Trailer 

Paragon Monolith Update

Paragon the free to play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) developed by Epic games, will be receiving a huge update. ¬†The update entitled the Monolith Update will bring major changes to the title based on player feedback since the game was released in beta. Epic games describe the update as a “new gameplay experience” which features a new map, faster paced action-orientated gameplay, as well as updates to all the playable heroes. The video below showcases the Monolith Update described by two of the developers of the title. The update…

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