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Escape From Tarkov – Review

Escape from Tarkov is a close quarters PvP multiplayer arena style game developed by Battlestate Games. You assume the role of either a private security soldier, or a scavenger as you battle other players is an endless quest to dominate the area, and gain supplies. We’d like to take this moment to thank Battlestate Games for issuing us a free copy of Escape from Tarkov for this review. As you load into the game, it gives you some backstory as to what has happened to Tarkov, a city in the…

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Paladins Beta Review Hi-Rez Next Release

Paladins, often referred to as the Overwatch Clone is available now in beta. While most of the characters do seem similar to the Overwatch cast Paladins does break away to separate itself slightly and despite the plague of being titled a copy, it still is going strong and was released recently on consoles.  Gameplay The gameplay of Paladins I have found is more casual but at the same time, more strategic than others games in its genre. While having a loose collection of characters like the Rocketeer Drogoz, a dragon…

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