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Dying Light Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Hypermode Has Returned To Dying Light

Techland has announced that on the 8th of October the community led challenge hyper mode is coming back. The mode will see if players can achieve an enemy kill count of six million. That is a lot of gore. If you aren’t sure what Dying Light is a trailer will show you below and I can assure you it’s one hell of a good zombie game: “These community events are not only good excuses to bring together our loyal Dying Light community to reach a collective, challenging goal but also to reward…

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Deadly Premonition The Board Game Games News 

Deadly Premonition The Board Game Smashes Goal In 8 Hours

Today Rising Star Games is proud to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Deadly Premonition The Board Game reached its goal in just 8 hours. You can view the campaign HERE. Below is what the company had to say about the game: “Inspired by the cult sensation videogame Deadly Premonition, we took all the best parts (bizarre townsfolk, mystery, interaction between the agents etc.) from this off-beat gaming experience and added in a unique gameplay mechanic. In Deadly Premonition: The Board Game, 2-4 players draw cards and battle to become…

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Jumps Header Games PC Reviews 

Jumps – Hardcore Parkour Done Right

A fast-paced, perfectionist’s dream game Jumps is an incredibly fun indie game with beautiful graphics, stunning music and incredible gameplay. Jumps starts off as a game that revolves around jumping from island to island at an intense speed. The twist, is that you start with a limited number of jumps (usually 1 or 2) and have to pick up any other jumps you may need to complete the level. Each level can be completed in 30 seconds or less, but it takes a number of run-throughs to learn the in’s…

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Puzzle & Dragons Games Mobile News Trailer 

Fist of the North Star Comes to Puzzle & Dragons

Gungho Online Entertainment America announced today that the popular Japanese manga series Fist of the North Star will be making a come back onto Puzzle & Dragons. If you haven’t heard of the title a trailer features below:   From January 16th through to the 22nd, the Fist of the Night Star will throw you into a post-apocalyptic universe and put your skills to the test. Enemies such as Jagi, Amiba Uighur and Ken Oh, Raoh will also make an appearance. Will you be playing the latest update in Gungho…

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