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Gloom Games News PC Trailer 

Gloom Coming To Steam In 2018

Asmodee Digital today has announced that they will be going into a partnership with Sky Ship Studios to produce a digital release of Gloom. The title is a deck-building game that challenges its players to defeat others with your powerful custom decks. A trailer features below: Features are listed below: Friends List: Asmodee knows that misery loves company, so they’ve enabled players to build a list of friends within the Gloom platform and chat with prospective opponents before a session . Single Player: Misanthropes who prefer to languish alone can compete against…

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Hearthstone Games News PC Trailer 

Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon

The time to crown a new Hearthstone world champion is almost up as one player early next month will become the 2016 world champion and win $250,000 USD. All this will be happening at BlizzCon 2016 and to get the people at home involved Blizzard will be hosting an event where everyone can vote for who they think is going to win out of the sixteen competitors if their choice wins the best-of-seven they will win card packs. To find out how to vote you can follow this LINK. A trailer…

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