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The Evil Within 2 Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer Released

Bethesda today has launched the brand new launch trailer for the upcoming The Evil Within 2 game that will release on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on October 13th. The trailer can be viewed before: Sebastian Castellanos is thrown back into the nightmare born from the infamous STEM but this time the mission is personal. He must find his daughter Lily who he thought died years ago and as the world crumbles around him he must save her and himself from being lost in STEM. What lengths will he…

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Fallout Lootcrate Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

The Fallout Crate Is Back And You Can Pre-Order It Now

In today’s news, the Fallout Crate is back and we couldn’t be happier about that. Loot Crate has announced that you will now be able to pre-order the bi-monthly Crate crammed with Fallout goodies worth up to $65 and it’s Vault Boy approved! A trailer features below:   Also included are 4 to 6 items ranging from collectables to apparel there will also be a power armour set to build and it will come piece by piece in each kit. If you pre-order you’ll also get a special bonus item,…

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Games News Nintendo PC PlayStation Xbox 

Bethesda E3 Press Conference Recap

So Bethesda’s showcase was easily our highlight of E32017 thus far. The showcase begun with the unexpected announcements of Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR, followed by Battlegrounds mode for Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. In addition to the new releases, a new option for Skyrim and Fallout 4 will become available: Creation Club will allow players to purchase new weapons, accessories and armour with credit, which will be playable in game, with no effect on achievements or game progression. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider will be releasing September 15th, but…

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E3 Games News Nintendo PC PlayStation Xbox 

2017 E3 Press Conference Schedule (With Australian Times)

E3 is almost here, and we’re absolutely excited. For those of us living in Australia, working out what starts when can be a daunting task at best. I mean, who actually understands timezones? To save you missing any of the action, we’ve got all the times in AEST for you right here: Electronic Arts: Sunday, June 11th, 5:00AM Microsoft: Monday, June 12th, 7:00AM Bethesda: Monday, June 12th, 12:00PM Ubisoft: Tuesday, June 13th, 6:00AM Sony: Tuesday, June 13th, 11:00AM Nintendo: Wednesday, June 14th, 2:00AM We’re not entirely sure what to expect…

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Fallout New Vegas Games Opinion PC 

Fallout: New Vegas – Project Brazil (Four) Years in the life

Fallout: New Vegas is perhaps the crowning achievement of RPG’s. It seamlessly blended open-world gameplay with a thrilling story (which was almost entirely directed by the player), memorable characters, and a stellar line-up of DLCs. Said DLC’s took the player to many exotic locations which boasted more and more of the player character’s mysterious past, culminating in a battle for the fate of the world. But when hours and hours of beautifully crafted story and gameplay finally come to a close, what is there left to do with Fallout: New…

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Prey Review Games PC PlayStation Reviews Xbox 

PREY Review PREY Review… Which One is the Mimic!?

Bethesda and Arkane Studios are best known for games such as Skyrim, Fallout and Dishonoured. Prey the latest title from Arkane Studios is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The original Prey in 2006 features Tommy the man who hates his native Indian ancestry. After a bar fight, he gets abducted by an unknown alien species. The game was generally well received and pushed the boundaries of physics to create a game that played differently to other shooters. Prey 2 was announced and players would take on…

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Fallout Shelter Games News PC Trailer Xbox 

Fallout Shelter Now Available on Windows 10 and Xbox One

The hugely popular Fallout Shelter from Bethesda the developers behind such games as The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout have brought the title to Windows 10, and Xbox One. A new trailer features below:   Players step into the role of the vault overseer and build your own vault of your dreams and invite dwellers to live with you. Not only do you manage the dweller’s daily lives but you can send the on scavenging adventures in the wasteland. Fallout Shelter is now available on the Xbox Store and Windows…

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Dishonored 2 Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Dishonored 2 Free Update 1 Available Soon

Bethesda and Arkane Studios have announced that the first free update for Dishonored 2 will be available to download on December 19th and is currently available on PC as a beta. The first free update adds a new game plus mode in which the player can combine both abilities of Corvo and Emily. Also included in the new game plus mode is the ability to carry runes and bone shards over the next playthrough and you’ll be able to reassign the abilities where you desire. A trailer of the title…

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Skyrim Remaster Games News PC PlayStation Trailer Xbox 

Skyrim Remaster Gameplay Trailer + Mod Details

Bethesda yesterday released a trailer to show us some more gameplay on the upcoming Skyrim Remaster which will be released on October 28th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The gameplay trailer features below:   As you can see the visuals have been improved for the remaster and for the first time mods will be downloadable on consoles. On the Xbox One console players can download up to 5gb of mods while Sony will only allow up to 1gb of mod downloads. While the two console versions will be released…

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One Tamriel ESO Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

Elder Scrolls Online New Update: One Tamriel Launched

Elder Scrolls Online has received many free updates since its release in 2014 from small tweaks to changes in gameplay. This latest update is no different, titled One Tamriel the update promises huge changes throughout Tamriel as well as adding much wanted Dueling. With a truly open world and a level-scaled environment, adventurers can go anywhere, with anyone, at any time from the moment they exit the tutorial. One Tamriel will remove all boundary restrictions meaning players from different levels and Alliances can group together or duel, away from the confines of…

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