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Momonga Pinball Adventures Games PC Reviews 

Momonga Pinball Adventures Review

Paladin Studios’ Momonga Pinball Adventures takes the concept of the old 80’s pinball machines and brings it to the mobile, console, and PC world, albeit with a cuter skin. All of the features that made pinball such a fan-favourite are there. Wild bumpers, side objectives, and a cumulative score are all present, though the presentation does away with acknowledging that it is, in fact, a game. Instead, the game is told through the eyes of a Japanese flying squirrel, or Momonga named Momo, whose home is attacked by owls. The…

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theHunter: Call of the Wild Games PC Reviews 

theHunter Call of the Wild Review

theHunter: Call of the Wild available on PC developed by Expansive Worlds and published by Avalanche Studios is a hunting simulation game in which you, the hunter must track and kill animals. First thoughts when entering the beautifully crafted world of theHunter: Call of the Wild were, wow this game looks incredible from a graphic design point of view, the grass blowing in the breeze, the bright, lush and colourful environments brought to life felt like I was set for quite the ride. While it shined in some departments it…

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theHunter: Call of the Wild Games News PC Trailer 

theHunter Call of the Wild has been Released

Today Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds and Astragon Entertainment are proud to announce the release of theHunter: Call of the Wild. A trailer features below:   Become the greatest hunter alive while traversing different environments with many obstacles including a dynamic weather system, dense forests and rocky environments while searching for your prey. Not only can players go on a hunt offline but you can also arrange a hunting trip with your friends online. A quote from Christofer Sundberg the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Avalanche Studios features below: “theHunter:…

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