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War Wings Games Mobile News 

War Wings By Miniclip And Tencent Is Now Available

Tencent and Miniclip have joined together to bring War Wings into the west to share the success the game had in Asia. The game has had over 25k reviews on GooglePlay reviews with an average of 4, 4.5. The trailer features below courtesy of Gamespot:   If World War 2 games are your thing War Wings will cater to your needs. The game is available now on Apples App Store HERE and Googleplay Store HERE. The game is completely free and if you’re a fan of World War 2 games…

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HERO Unit 911 Dispatch Simulator Games Mobile News Trailer 

HERO Unit 911 Dispatch Simulator Now Available

HERO Unit 911 Dispatch Simulator developed by Jassim Albuarki is now available to download from both the App Store HERE and Google Play Store HERE. A trailer features below:   Delve into the world of a Police Dispatch Agent and cover cases that are based loosely on real life dispatch situations. HERO Unit 911 Dispatch Simulator features 80 different endings with multiple callers to take on. Each and every choice you make can have either dire consequences or make sure that everyone makes it out okay. The game is available on the…

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HERO Unit 911 Dispatch Simulator Games Mobile Reviews 

HERO Unit 911 Dispatch Simulator Review

HERO Unit 911 Dispatch Simulator is a mobile game currently available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store on Android devices. Step into the shoes of a police call operator where every choice you make could mean life or death. HERO Unit 911 Dispatch Simulator is a text-based simulator to which I found myself getting so addicted. The developer Jassim Albuarki has created an experience that really gets you emotionally invested in each of the caller’s stories and if you want the best ending out of the 80…

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GO Games Mobile News 

Square Enix GO Games Free on Amazon Underground

Square Enix has announced that Hitman, Deus Ex and Lara Croft GO are all free to download on Amazon Underground. You may download these titles on the Kindle Fire series, Amazon Devices and Android Devices. The tweet from Square Enix Montreal features below:   To get the free apps follow this link with an Amazon Device or Android Device and get downloading and soon you’ll be able to play the game on the GO, see what I did there? Will you be picking the titles up on the Amazon Underground…

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Fantastic Beasts Games Mobile News Trailer 

Fantastic Beasts Cases From The Wizarding World Trailer

Fantastic Beasts Cases From The Wizarding World Trailer has been released and is viewable below:   In Fantastic Beasts Cases From The Wizarding World you will be able to solve magical mysteries with your very own set of magical skills. Not only do you have magic at your disposal but you’ll also be able to brew can you buy adderall xr online potions and decipher secret messages. All this will be do-able online with your friends or competing to be better than your rivals. The free to play mobile game…

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Hitman: Sniper Games Mobile News 

Halloween Comes To Hitman: Sniper With Free Update

Square Enix have today revealed Hitman: Sniper will be releasing a free Halloween update, adding custom items and missions. The update includes a unique and deadly crossbow with three lethal abilities. summoning an unfriendly ghost vicious impaling shoot a volley of lethal, barbed arrows   The update will also bring change to the Montenegro Mansion with guests all dressed in Halloween-inspired costumes. New missions and challenges will also be available. The Haloween update will run until November 24th giving players plenty of time to soak up the Halloween spirit. Hitman: Sniper is…

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Beats Of Fury Games Mobile News PC 

Rhythm Title Beats Of Fury Celebrates Greenlight Success

Beats of fury the upcoming rhythm game by Bubble Head Games has had a successful Greenlight campaign on Steam. After a mere 10 days, the community voted for the title to Pass the greenlight process. Beats of fury’s unique combination of rhythm mixed with top down shooting has already won the title two awards this year. The story follows two brothers utilizing electronic and rock beats, to confront and destroy the evil forces. Players will be required to destroy evil entities to the rhythm while using their keyboard or Xbox controller within two different…

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The Little Ones Games News 

This War Of Mine DLC The Little Ones Comes To Mobile

This War Of Mine introduced us not to the soldiers fighting a war but to the civilians caught in the crossfire trying to survive in their besieged city. Scavenging for food, medicines the civilians most also craft items to survive the harsh conditions. 11 bit studios now want us to see the horror of war from a child’s eyes with new DLC The Little Ones. The Little Ones see’s you take charge of a group of adults and children in their quest for survival. Face the reality of war while delving…

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Fifa Mobile Games News Trailer 

EA SPORTS Release New Fifa Mobile Game

EA SPORTS have today announced that they are releasing Fifa Mobile and it will be completely free to download on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and the Windows 10 Store. Fifa Mobile is a football game that you can pick up and play whenever and it doesn’t matter what your skill level is. Players will be able to choose from their favorite teams and players and take part in a multitude of events. A quote from EA features below:  “When developing FIFA Mobile, we focused on giving players…

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Mafia 3 Games News PC PlayStation Xbox 

Mafia 3: Rivals Available Now alongside Mafia 3

2K and Hanger 13 have announced that Mafia 3: Rivals has now launched on iOS and Android devices. Visit New Bordeaux and delve into the world of the characters, locations and stories based on the popular Mafia title on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. A trailer features below of the new game:   You will have the chance to recruit up to 40 crime bosses from the Mafia 3 universe and assemble the best crew possible in the Bayou. Alongside those activities, you can also team up with friends…

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