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Intensive Exposure Games PC Reviews 

An Intense Look At Intensive Exposure

Intensive Exposure, developed and published by Fireline Games, is an arcade-like indie game where the player runs through one of three locations, dodging security guards, toppling shelves, and exposing women to male genitalia. The game is simplistic in presentation, with a simple menu that opens up into a level select screen. From here, the player is shown the entirety of the game’s content.   There are three levels for the player to rampage through, the latter pair of which are unlocked by scoring enough points in the level which came…

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STRAFE Games News PC Trailer 

STRAFE Will Arrive on PC March 28th

Indie developer Pixel Titans and publisher Devolver Digital have announced that Strafe will release on PC March 28th, 2017. A trailer features below:   STRAFE is a roguelike first-person shooter that claims to go the extra mile in pushing the limits of computer-generated photorealism and hardcore sci-fi action. You’ll step into the shoes of a Scrapper on the edge of a galaxy in a hostile environment with only the one life. If you die, everything changes. This is where the 1996 style really shines. A list of features are given…

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