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The Unique Adventure Demo Impressions

I was lucky enough to get the chance to play The Unique Adventure Demo and do a little review on the demo, this is what I thought.

The Unique Adventure is a first-person comedy adventure game in which you star as Bob. A drunk Bob seems to think it would be a fantastic idea to go see his ex-girlfriend. Bob, unfortunately, has an accident and wakes up in a mysterious flat with a voice instructing him what to do. The question remains throughout the demo, are you able to trust it?

The Unique Adventure is similar to The Stanley Parable but stands on its own and genuinely is unique. I was engaged from the start wanting to see how extreme the narrator would get in his requests. The first request of trying to find a glass of water to cure your hangover was hilarious. The narrator gives you two minutes to find water or you’ll die, he reverses the controls making it difficult to navigate the kitchen while trying to find a glass, then decides to do a quiz. Moments like this kept me going to see how far he would push. The Unique Adventure offers many player based decisions that provide multiple endings. You can either follow his instructions or not, but be prepared for discipline if you rebel.

Throughout the gameplay I didn’t run into any bugs, it’s a very polished experience that I enjoyed from the start. Graphically I had no complaints either, for a small test demo and using the Unreal Engine 4 I felt that each room felt unique and different from the rest. The game had me wanting more and when it ended I was left disappointed due to being so engaged in the experience. I just want to know what will happen to Bob. Will he escape? Or will he be stuck in the labyrinth for eternity or is he dead already? I was simply disappointed because I enjoyed myself so much and had needed more.

If you like the sound of The Unique Adventure you can download and play the demo HERE. If you’d like to support the Kickstarter campaign to help the developers you can do so HERE. The trailer features below:

If you haven’t played the demo of The Unique Adventure, I recommend you do.



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