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Unbox Newbies Adventure Review

Unbox Newbies Adventure Developed by Prospect Games is available on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and later in the year Nintendo Switch.

Prospect Games set out on an adventure of their own to create a 3D platformer inspired by the 90s where platformers were the big thing. Inspired by such games as Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, Mario Kart and much more they came out with the idea of Unbox Newbies Adventure. You are a cardboard box owned by the company GPS. Your name is Newbie due to being the new guy in town basically. You’ll set off on adventures to collect stamps, gold tape and defeat bosses. While each box you meet has little mini stories of why they need tasks completing and some are quite interesting, it was the gameplay that I enjoyed more. Not to say the story isn’t good I found the world fascinating and it felt like the developers have created a whole backstory to this world where boxes deliver themselves. Though I’m not sure I’d want to order a computer with self-delivering boxes, think of the damage.


The gameplay in Unbox Newbies Adventure is what I loved most about it. Traversing the levels rolling as a box is addictive and fun and it feels fresh, rather than the typical platformer having you run left and right this had you rolling and trying your best not to fall into looming hazards placed around the map, or my ultimate nemesis water. Not only is traversing the levels fun but it’s also enjoyable taking on the tasks the box NPC’s have for you to complete to earn the stamps. Each task felt different and unique, I never felt like the game was repetitive in any way and platformers can become quite repetitive, this one wasn’t. There is so much to do in the world of Unbox Newbies Adventure, whether it be completing tasks or just goofing around in the open worlds of each level. As I’ve said in previous reviews, I love games where you can interact with everything around you, Unbox Newbies Adventure let me sit on sledges, drive in cars and even lounge on sun loungers with a view ahead. I absolutely love the environment that Prospect Games have created and I could easily spend weeks exploring every nook and cranny. I came across a couple bugs where my box would be hit by the enemy boxes and I’d teleport through the map and end up in strange areas or clip into things but it didn’t happen all too often. A patch will probably sort these little issues out.


The environments created are all unique looking and not having just a lot to do in these maps but also a lot to look at and explore. I really enjoyed the first level with its tropical island setting, you had the sun out, planes flying past delivering boxes, loads of AI boxes messing around and with many enemies trying to destroy you along the way. The world felt as if it was alive, not only that but a fantastic soundtrack aided the gameplay and became quite fun to listen to rather than annoying which some games it can get annoying or stuck in your head. I also loved how each box you’d try to talk to take on a mission would change the style of the song, electric guitar being my favourite.

Unbox Newbies Adventures is a really good platforming game that I think is both great for adults and kids. It really does throw you back into the 90s but with the technology that we have available to us today. A few little bugs here and there but it didn’t particularly ruin my experience and I know the developers will strive to improve the game as time moves on.

Unbox Newbies Adventure

Unbox Newbies Adventure












  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Takes You Back To The 90s
  • No Repetition


  • Few Bugs



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