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The Escapists 2 Preview

We at Creep-Score had the chance to sit down with a preview copy of Team 17’s upcoming The Escapists 2 and this is what we thought. The Escapists will release August 22nd on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The first game I always thought to myself was definitely unique, there aren’t many games out there based on escaping prison in as many creative ways as you can come up with. The Escapists 2 offers more prisons to escape from, more ways to complete the challenges and a whole new graphical upgrade and many more customisation options. Let’s jump into the first session with the game and we’re given a tutorial that helps with the new additions to the game and gives you a little recap on what you are supposed to be doing. It’s a simple tutorial and it isn’t long or overdrawn perfect timing and straight to the point, there’s nothing worse than tutorials that take hours and ones that don’t teach you much. Once you’ve finished you are given two new levels to complete that are both very different and offer a lot of replayability.

The most fun I had was just living as a prisoner and exploring ways to break out, I was in no rush, I levelled up some skills, saved some money, looted a lot of peoples prison cells and completed some quests for some of the inmates. Team 17 have really improved on what was already a great IP in so many ways, the AI acts in more realistic ways to your actions, the levels are bigger, the list goes on.

I look forward to playing the full game on August 22nd, a full review will be written after that time. The Escapists 2 is looking to be really exciting and the local multiplayer and online multiplayer only aid to an already fun experience. Just don’t get trapped in the vents at roll call like I did.



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