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Superhot Review Or Black Mirror The Game?

Superhot developed by Superhot Team is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

I’d seen Superhot in an E3 presentation and didn’t really pay much attention as I thought at the time it was a VR title only and without VR and no chance of getting VR in the future this would have to be a miss for me. Later on, I noticed that Superhot wasn’t just a VR title and I took interest in the concept of slowing down time by standing still. Anything with time manipulation gauges my interest so I checked it out and it’s much more than what I thought it was. Superhot throws you into some sort of puzzle shooter game, it seems innocent at first, kill all the red men without taking a bullet yourself. Then things get strange, it seems more than a simple game and you and a friend get a little too deep into the program. You’re taken back to a menu that looks like a very old computer and you’ll be forced to search for a password to continue even though you are warned not to, the temptation is just too much to stop there. If you’ve ever seen the TV series Black Mirror, this is like an interactive episode of Black Mirror, the writing is absolutely superb, I really didn’t expect to play such a thrilling and engaging game like this.

Superhot Review

Gameplay like mentioned before is fairly simple, you’re thrown into a scenario where you must kill all the red men, time stops when you stop so moving slowly will advance time slowly and fast well, fast. The enemy will fire bullets, use melee and all sorts to stop you in your path but using time manipulation you’ll become unstoppable unless you’re me and take quite a few bullets a long the way. My all time favourite thing to do was throw my empty gun at the enemy which then makes them stagger backwards giving you the opportunity to grab their weapon and fire it at them. Each level grows in difficulty as you progress, I’m not ashamed to admit I did struggle with a few levels but it was so much fun nonetheless.

The graphics are simplistic but it makes sense in a game like this, the graphics are displayed in a very arcade like way and can be described looking like a simulation from an old 80s movie but it really sets the tone for the game. The game ran smoothly and I rarely ran into any issues apart from ragdolls clipping strangely now and then. The sound is also great but people in the living room got a bit annoyed at the constant repeat of Superhot during the replays of my playthroughs which speed everything up to normal speed. Seeing everything in normal speed seriously made me look like a half good gamer I have to admit.

Superhot Review

Superhot is amazing and I cannot recommend it enough, it’s a mind bending psychological experience that will stick with me for a long time. I only wish I was able to play this glorious game in VR as I feel it would really use the full potential of the tech. The only thing I would love to see in the future is more, more of this amazing content.














  • Addictive
  • Engaging Storyline
  • Interesting Mechanics
  • Keeps You Guessing


  • Static Sound In Menu Can Get Annoying



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