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Steampunk Syndicate Games PC Reviews 

Steampunk Syndicate – Better as a Mobile Game

Such a good idea

Note: This was written before the update that was supposed to fix a few of the problems with Steampunk Syndicate

I was looking through Steam’s upcoming games when I came across Steampunk Syndicate. Being a huge steampunk, tower defense and card game lover, I thought this game would be tons of fun and be a good time waster. Don’t get me wrong, it is, but it doesn’t do it all that well.

When I first started the game, I was greeted by a crash. When it started, it forced my screen resolution to something smaller than 1080p. No problem, I could just change the resolution when I got to the start menu; No, I couldn’t. There is no option to change the screen resolution, only music and sound volumes. This still wasn’t a problem for me. It was a slight annoyance, but it wasn’t going to change the gameplay or break the game for me, so I continued on.

I loaded the first level and just fell in love with the art style. The art is cute, goofy, and charming, but it looks gorgeous the entire time. I’d love to watch a cartoon of this game’s art. But behind the great art, the game is clunky and full of waiting.

Steampunk Syndicate Gameplay



Steampunk Syndicate’s focus is beating levels with base playing cards, and then getting more cards from beating the level. And it works well. When you have two copies of a card, you can fuse them into a more powerful version. But you have to wait. When you combine cards you need to wait a specified amount of time before you can get the card to play it in the next level. You can skip this waiting completely with gems, but for a paid game, it makes the game feel like they ported the game straight from the app store. And this isn’t the only instance that Steampunk Syndicate feels like a mobile game on PC.

The game has the same layout as its mobile counterpart and it makes the game feel clunky on PC. The mobile version of Steampunk Syndicate is very highly rated. It does everything right for a mobile game: free to play (besides some ads and in-game purchases), waiting for upgrades so players keep coming back, and simple enough gameplay that keeps players engaged while not needing to spend more than 5 or 6 minutes on a level. It does mobile really well. But PC is a completely different beast.


So… is it worth it?

Mmm, that’s up to you. It’s only $2, so it’s not actively looking to rip you off. You get what you pay for. Steampunk Syndicate has a few problems and clunky controls, but as far as tower defense games go, it holds up nicely. The actual tower defense aspect of the game works amazingly and really saves the game. So if you’d like a time-killing game on your PC that’s decent, look no further. Otherwise, I’d check Steam Reviews to see if future updates have fixed any of its problems.

Steampunk Syndicate

Steampunk Syndicate










  • Dazzling art
  • Good time waster
  • Fun tower defense
  • Good price


  • Mobile minded
  • Clunky
  • Set resolution



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