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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and was developed by DICE.

Where to start with Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the question, I am bitterly disappointed with my experience so far sadly, and it’s not just because of its loot box system. When it was announced I’d hoped it would be like 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront but bigger and have a lot more content. While that game had many negatives the battlefields you fought in were huge and it was addictive and it looked breathtaking. Star Wars Battlefront 2 while it has more content and gives you the ability to fight across all eras it still feels like a step-down in many ways. The newly added campaign offers a canon story set between the fall of the empire and the rise of the first order, it’s really quite interesting and I enjoyed it, the gameplay was fun, it looked beautiful and I liked the narrative, there weren’t many complaints on the story side at all. It threw us deep into the Star Wars universe and let us play as a struggling squad trying to find purpose after what had happened. It was interesting, engaging and I enjoyed myself. The only sad thing is though that there isn’t really an ending and it’s a very short game.

The multiplayer however feels lazy, while three eras are now playable, and there are more maps, vehicles and space combat, it doesn’t feel good as the first. I was hoping Battlefield type maps would make an appearance, ones that are huge and have a lot of freedom in them but each map feels really linear. In the first game, Hoth was stunning, it was huge, it had so many paths to take it was a masterpiece of a map but now these new ones just feel empty and rushed, it’s really sad. This time round tokens have been dropped and a new battle point system has been introduced. The new battle point system lets you earn points for completing objectives, killing the enemy and overall just being a team player. Battle points then let you access vehicles, ships and heroes. For a basic vehicle it’s a small 800 points, fairly easy to earn but for a hero, you’re looking at between 6000 and 8000 points. This is where I got frustrated. I am not the best at Star Wars Battlefront 2, there are some of us who will be great at it and some like myself who aren’t. This is where the battle point system becomes unfair. If you want to play as a hero you better be really good and be really fast as well, the matches barely last 5 minutes unless you’re playing Kashykk. I only managed to use Darth Maul once because I got lucky, and it was fun but it’s so difficult to get to the point of using him, I feel it should be reduced a little bit for newer players or less skilled ones. Onto the loot box system, while buying crystals has been disabled you can still purchase them using credits which don’t get earned overly fast and the pay to win star cards, ability cards are all still there. I don’t blame the developers at DICE for this, I look at EA for taking such an amazing franchise and turning it into this game that should have been free to play, I paid £50 for this and I’m not happy at all. Not only does the whole system feel vastly unfair but the game is riddled with bugs and lag issues. It’s sad it really is sad to see a Star Wars game go this way. The icing on the cake has to be the removal of the customisation of your soldier. In the first one, you could at least change the helmet or remove it completely to have a unique looking soldier, well that’s all gone, all of the classes virtually look the same and it looks and feels cheap.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Graphically the game is superior in the looks department as was the previous game. Each map looks like the movie and the forest in Takodana is actually the forest near me called Puzzle Wood, it looked identical to the actual place just like in Star Wars the Force Awakens. While each map looks gorgeous they still feel small and unused. The music is excellent and the battle sounds really do replicate the film’s battles.

I am so disappointed with this title, DICE is a fantastic studio, I still stand by that but EA are obsessed with money, it’s all greed in the end and they’ve done it to a name, the Battlefront name and threw it in mud and tried to bleed the franchise dry. Do I think EA pulled out of microtransactions because of customer complaints? No, it’s EA, they don’t care as long as they make money, I fully believe that Disney was involved in the removal of the transactions. Well, I have to say removal of the transactions don’t change the gameplay and overall experience. I watched Jim Sterling’s video and I thought to myself, Nah come on he’s overreacting just because it’s loot boxes but after playing I seriously agree that the game was built around making money rather than giving us back Star Wars Battlefront 2. Unfortunately, I’d say wait for this game to become cheap if you really do want to play because at the moment it is pretty lacklustre. I’ll still play it because it’s Star Wars and I love Star Wars but it has no soul at all.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2












  • Beautiful graphics


  • Battlepoints system is unfair
  • Maps feel empty
  • Games don't last long
  • Built as a money maker



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