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Spintires Mudrunner Review

Spintires Mudrunner is available now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and was developed by Focus Home Interactive.

Spintires Mudrunner has you delivering cargo across some of the most difficult terrains you’ll see in your life. With a huge selection of trucks, modes, challenges and beautiful graphics, how does it shape up?

Obviously, with Spintires Mudrunner there isn’t really a story mode but there are challenges and each offer challenging objectives to take on and complete in the fastest time possible and of course, there are bonus objectives to complete. I honestly found some of the challenges quite difficult but nothing impossible, it wasn’t rage inducing either, it was more mastering the driving physics and terrain that got me through the challenges, or using the handy winch available on most trucks. The first challenge was difficult I must admit, trying to drive a semi with a giant trailer on mud tracks and reverse it into place was difficult but I managed. The difficulty isn’t too rough if you know how it works and there are great tutorials to aid you in your journey.

Spintires Mudrunner

The one griping issue I had with it was the camera, while the positions looked good with being able to see the car, the terrain and the surrounding area it was a massive pain trying to navigate it around my trucks and trailers. I’d say that’s the only negative I have to say about Spintires Mudrunners camera. The driving physics and terrain physics, however, are a lot of fun in my opinion. I wasn’t wildly excited throughout my playtime with the game but I found it very therapeutic. It was nice just strolling through the vast wilds listening to the bird calls and the swamp mud under the tires. Spintires makes for a very atmospheric game and I found myself relaxed through-out.

You’ll be offered many different trucks to take on your objective and you can even take it online which does provide some funny results. From delivering logs to picking up other loads and taking them back and forth, while it may not sound exciting I can assure you Spintires is a lot of fun. Graphically Spintires Mudrunner is beautiful, the way the mud looks when going through it, the vehicles all look rustic and old which matches the environment. I had a lot of fun just looking around at the beauty of it all.

spintires mudrunne

Overall Spintires Mudrunner is a fun little game that I enjoyed, I think the camera controls let it down a tiny bit but apart from that, it’s a good solid game that offers hours of fun offline and online. For anyone who likes simulation games and trucks or even offroad or just wants a relaxing experience rather than a high octane one, Spintires Mudrunner is the one for you.

Spintired Mudrunner

Spintired Mudrunner










  • Beautiful game
  • Relaxing and fun


  • Camera controls



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