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Daath Origins Games PC Reviews 

A Preview of Daath Origins

Daath Origins, developed by BLACK LODGE GAMES, is a space-faring roleplaying game built in RPG Maker. The game is in Early Access, but promises many features and innovations which are atypical of RPG Maker products. Daath Origins does not employ the typical JRPG sprites or a traditional world map. Instead, it ops for canvases of open space with interactable nodes such as planets. Daath Origins makes similar aesthetic improvements to the combat screen, deviating from character portraits to give the player a full view of all ships involved in the battle.

Additionally, the combat in Daath Origins is a step above the typical RPG Maker design. Almost every action in combat requires player participation in a quick-time event in a fashion similar to Paper Mario. Proper execution of these quick-time events improves the end-result of the skill or attack used. The speed of the quick-time events does make them difficult to execute properly, and subtlely skews the player toward using the abilities which are least reliant on them, such as the ones which only require the player to rapidly press the same button for a set period of time. Per the developer’s advice on the Steam page, the gameplay is designed for use with a controller, though a keyboard is an option.

Daath Origins also deviates from the standard nomenclature for the attributes of the player character and enemies. The difference is minute, but lends the game a more polished feel.

At the beginning of the game, the player is asked to make a handful of choices about their character, including their origin and previous line of work. These choices give interesting, albeit minor statistical bonuses, both to the character’s combat statistics and their alignment, which tracks the protagonist’s wanderings between morally grey circumstances.

The sound design is of average quality. The lasers sound like lasers, the music is repetitive, but not poorly composed. No major audio glitches were encountered.


Daath Origins can be purchased on Steam for $9.99 USD.



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