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The Norwood Suite Games PC Reviews 

The Norwood Suite Review

The Norwood Suite is now available on PC via Steam and was developed by Cosmo D

The Norwood Suite, what a strange game… It isn’t strange in a bad way, it’s pretty good, I found myself engaged in the environment and lore that had been created. The game really establishes a musical focus which I quite enjoyed, the characters all spoke in music and it was quite interesting speaking to them all. Each character had a lot to say and would set side tasks which would aid me in my main objective. The Norwood Suite is a puzzle/adventure title but it isn’t difficult at all, the tasks aren’t boring either, it’s quite interesting, I enjoyed trying to make a sandwich in the kitchen with the strange chopping machine shaped like a dog. The game really is just full of mysteries and I do not want to spoil a single one.

The¬†gameplay while it’s a walking simulator tThe Norwood Suitehere is so much to explore and do, the puzzles like I mentioned aren’t too difficult so it lets you take the whole game in without getting frustrating at all. Sadly while it is a small game there is positive, you can go back and play again and it’s just as good the second time around due to the unique art styles and puzzles. I haven’t played a game like this before and each new place I discovered and each task I took on I just wanted more.

Graphically I think some of the characters, unfortunately, look a bit underdeveloped but the art style and the pure scope of this mysterious hotel really make up for that. I haven’t seen such an art style in a game before. The hotel is just so unique in every way, each room looks different and behind each door is an amazing surprise, my favourite room has to be 208 with the forest and drunk man on the bed with banana hair… Yeah, this game is that strange.

Short review for a short game but The Norwood Suite is well worth your time for a simple ¬£9.99. With all the triple-A titles coming out this month if you feel like something different then The Norwood Suite is one to look out for. I had a lot of fun, it’s sad that it was short and looked a bit dodgy in some areas but it doesn’t derive from the experience whatsoever.

The Norwood Suite

The Norwood Suite












  • Art style is great
  • Exploration is fun and rewarding


  • Bit Short



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