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LEGO Dimensions The Goonies, Harry Potter and LEGO City Review

TT Games have yet again delivered us an experience that sends us back into our childhoods with greats such as The Goonies and Lego Harry Potter and also impresses with the LEGO City bundle.

The Goonies pack lets you play as Sloth, Chunk and other children from the movie. Chunk can use the truffle shuffle and a spin attack, Sloth has chocolate throwing, digging and underwater abilities which make him very useful. You also get One Eyed Willies Pirate Ship and skeleton organ to build and play LEGO Dimensions The Goonieswith in-game. Despite only coming with Sloth, you are able to play as other children from the film that each has different abilities to help you progress. Players are thrown you into the part of the film where Chunk meets Sloth. The team have to try and find One Eyed Willies treasure to save their home from foreclosure while trying to escape the cronies that want the treasure as well. The pack stays true to the movie and offers many laughs throughout. TT Games have also managed in the level and the hub to recreate the movie and it feels like we’re for the first time getting to explore The Goonies World ourselves. Many challenges are offered in the hub to keep you going and each quest being different keeps it fresh and adds to the many gold bricks that I still haven’t managed to complete.

The LEGO Harry Potter fun pack gives us Hermione and Buckbeak. Hermione has the ability to use stupify and an array of spells to solve puzzles and defeat the enemy. Players are given free reign to explore the magical universe of the Harry Potter world. Fans of the individual hubs released will fall in love with what TT Games has created. They again have managed to really make it fun even at the current 1000 odd bricks we have now to collect. None of it feels repetitive and we can also talk to characters we know from the shows, films and games.

The LEGO City pack gives us Chase Mcain and a police helicopter. In this pack, we are given a LEGO City hub which a few buildings seem ripped out of the current remaster of LEGO City Undercover which again stays true to the original game. Chase Mcain also has his disguises which are very useful in the story missions and for collecting the golden bricks. I feel the only disappointment is not being able to play as Frank Honey.

While this hasn’t been my favourite three releases, it still delivers a fun experience for adults and kids alike, old fans and new fans and even people who might just want to play their favourite cult classic in LEGO form. Also, props to the LEGO designers as each set we build is very intricately detailed and fun to build. TT Games never fails to deliver an experience as true as it possibly can be towards to franchise it has LEGO’d up.


LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions












  • Fun gameplay
  • A lot of content
  • Polished


  • Not the best ones released



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