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LEGO City Undercover Review – Possibly The Best LEGO Game Ever Made

LEGO City Undercover developed by TT Fusion is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

LEGO City UndercoverIn LEGO City Undercover You start as Chase McCain a cop that wants to put the super villain Rex Fury back in jail. Chase unfortunately accidently reveals his and his ex-girlfriend’s identity. In revealing the identities Chase had to leave for 2 years and Natalia in witness protection. A myriad of characters await your return and assist in putting Rex back where he belongs.

The story surprised me a lot, in LEGO games I tend to enjoy the gameplay over the storyline. LEGO City Undercover engages you from the start with its backstories, range of hilarious characters and amazing movie references. One of the missions has you visiting the prison island in which you meet a guy named Blue who sounds a lot like Red from the Shaw Shank Redemption. It became a mission based on the movie and I couldn’t stop laughing, I seriously enjoyed it and think LEGO needs to jump on a LEGO Shaw Shank Redemption game as it was a genius move. Throughout my playthrough, I laughed most of the time as the comedy is on point throughout. Players are given a wide variety of characters, disguises and vehicles to chose from while taking down criminals. The amount of content provided is unreal.

LEGO City Undercover like its predecessors uses the same formula but it felt a lot more polished this time around. I rarely ran into any bugs, it was smooth and the vehicle driving was perfect. I felt as if I was almost playing a child-friendly adderall LEGO Grand Theft Auto at one point. The open world gives you freedom to explore, collect gold bricks and witness the funny goings-on in LEGO City. What also appealed to me was seeing some of the LEGO sets that I’d seen available in shops in-game. I felt like a lot of effort had gone into LEGO City and transitioning from the Wii-U worked well. I was able to tell when you’d need to use the tablet but using a Dualshock 4 was just as good. LEGO Games shine in most categories for me but this excelled my expectations by being hilarious and addictive.

The developers have created again a unique LEGO World that looks as if it was originally released on the latest generatioLEGO City Undercover Reviewn of consoles. Each part of the city felt like it was alive. As previously mentioned seeing older LEGO sets come to life was very nostalgic. Exploring is half the fun due to the graphic design. A fantastic sound-track aids each moment perfectly, for example the Shaw Shank Redemption section had the harmonicas playing which fit perfectly. The voice acting is genuinely great all round and I wouldn’t mind seeing this turned into a movie.

This is one of the greatest LEGO games I have ever played and ever laughed at so much. TT Fusion have really knocked the nail on the head and polished it so much that I rarely ran into any issue. If this is the future of LEGO games and I sure hope it is, I know they will be fantastic. I throughly enjoyed playing this title.


LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover










  • Story is engaging
  • Comedy is plentiful
  • Great characters
  • Huge open world
  • A lot of content



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