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Iron Tides Early Access Preview

Iron Tides developed by Crash Wave Games Inc. will be available this July and the Steam Store page is located HERE.

Iron Tides is a rogue like casual strategy game that throws you into the world of a Viking adventurer who sails across the seas looting, fighting pirates and adventuring into dungeons for the very best selection of loot to help you upgrade your team and ship. In the campaign, you will start on an interactive map running into pirates, people who need saving, outposts that have been taken by raider scum and treasure to help you on your way. You’ll need to find food to survive the long journeys and find the best equipment to make sure you win against the enemy every time. As I sailed the seas I had fun fighting in the turn-based strategy style gameplay, I usually don’t like turn based games but Iron Tides makes sure the enemy gives you a challenge and that there is variation in the battles to keep it fresh.

Iron Tides is in early access at the moment but I ran into no bugs and no issues whatsoever, I only wish I hadn’t had starved my crew mates so fast as I really began to like them. If a campaign isn’t your thing and you want to get straight into a battle the skirmish mode will throw you into a balanced battle where you can have a nice quick fight or create your own backstories with why you’re fighting them and what strategies you’re going to make. In Skirmish you’re able to use your imagination to create your own scenarios.

The graphics really delivered to create the ultimate Viking experience, the ships all looked as if they’d sailed out of history books and the environments really showed what it was like in those times which is a nice touch. Some games don’t work on the lore or history as much but Iron Tides gives you the sense of jumping back in time and having your own Viking adventure in looks alone. I enjoyed travelling the seas coming across small outposts and crashed boats looking for loot and taking in the graphic style.

I enjoyed my time with Iron Tides and I wish the developer all the luck in the world and if strategy games or simulators are your things or if you want to be a full blown Viking, Iron Tides is the game for you. If you enjoy resource management and survival, Iron Tides sets a challenge for its players in this vast and open world.



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