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Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Review

Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire is now available on PC and was developed by Arena Net.

Years ago Guild Wars 1 was released and I was hooked, it was the only MMORPG as a kid that I was allowed to play largely down to the free subscription Arena Net was always great with the free subscription based MMO’s. The gameplay was addictive, the game looked pretty and it had a decent story-line. A few years later Guild Wars 2 was announced and then released 5 years ago. An MMO 5 years on I honestly expected it to be quiet but the community is still raging on and it’s fantastic to see. With the expansion Path of Fire out now, a lot of people had either returned or most had been continuously playing for years. Guild Wars 2 has a lot of elements that separate it from most MMO’s. The community I met were also lovely people, I joined a guild named STAR and it is full of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet in an online game. I was new and I was still learning the ropes, one of the members gifted me a lot of items to help me start my journey and get a little bit of a boost which was very lovely of them, another told me god bless and gave me some gold which was again very nice. Another instance of a lovely community was meeting some people just messing around in the world chat and we had such a laugh it was great, Guild Wars 2’s highlight for me has to be its community. Too many times I’ve gone into certain online games or MMO’s and you’re met with toxicity if you’re new or not fulfilling your role but the people in this game seem to just want to help you. Another person let us coast through the story while she helped us level up and I thought that was lovely of them to give so much of their time just to level us up a little bit. I feel that Arena Net has created a game that brings people together with a unique twist on gameplay elements that utilises teamwork.

Guild Wars 2

Onto the story of Path of Fire, you can immediately tell it’s just an improvement on an already great storyline. Balthazar the god of war has gone rogue and you must put an end to his path of destruction (or fire). The storyline is strong and it was amazing to see such good storytelling in a MMORPG and witness the destruction rather than just read about it. From the moment you fly in on an airship, the destruction is just beyond impressive, crumbling pyramid-like structures, explosions, fire, I have to hand it to Arena Net for creating such an intense atmosphere in an MMO. I say in an MMO a lot of a lot feel the same, the storytelling seems bland at times in others and not much goes on, it never feels like a triple-A game, most of what happens can be fairly basic, this isn’t the case in all MMO’s, just a few that I’ve played. Path of Fire really just ups the ante in every aspect. Another amazing aspect is mounts, usually mounts in games tend to just add a bit of speed, it makes travelling easier but in Path of Fire they all have unique elements to separate them which adds more to the gameplay and it also helps when you have a long distance to cover.

Guild Wars 2

Graphically I didn’t notice any graphical improvements from the original but there is a lot more going on on screen which is fantastic, the game still holds up 5 years later though, the environments on the base game and Path of Fire both look amazing, it’s like walking around in a concept art world that they’ve brought to life rather than plain boring lands with nothing exciting going on. The soundtrack still uses some old Guild Wars 1 classics but I can’t fault it as it was always beautiful.

If you’re after an MMO that won’t cost you monthly and is full of things to do, Guild Wars 2 and its expansions are seriously the way to go, I can’t recommend it enough, lovely community, rarely any bugs, so much to do, different to other MMO’s and so much more than a week could even cover. I have so much more to do and I can’t wait to chat to my guild friends again and set out on another adventure.


Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire












  • Addictive gameplay
  • No grinding
  • Sets itself apart from other MMOs


  • Needs a lot of time



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