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Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Review – Killing Just Got Better

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition developed by People Can Fly is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

BulletstormBulletstorm introduces you to the characters, Grayson, Ishi, Rell and Doc, a black ops team that went rogue. In a drunken fueled revenge ploy Grayson goes after Sarrano and the team end up crash landing into Stygia. The journey to the beautiful yet horrible planet doesn’t go to plan at all. The storyline I felt wasn’t the main selling point of Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition is about creative killing and creating the most ludicrous kills for the largest amount of points.

Bulletstorm contains an online mode and with friends, it’s the better option as the game is humorous all round. If a story isn’t your main focus you can just kill for points in a special solo mode. Bulletstorm offers an array of weapons and environmental hazards to create bloody messes. Kicking an enemy into a cactus is more fun than you think. Throughout your playthrough, you’ll acquire new weapons which provide an incentive to carry on and create more chaos. If the weapon’s primary fire isn’t good enough for you each weapon comes locked and loaded with a secondary fire which really packs a punch.

The gameplay is roughly the same as the original until you realise you can play as Duke Nukem. Gearbox and People Can Fly have incorporated the man gamers from around the world know and love. Playing as Duke almost made it feel like a new experience due to the voice actor redoing all the voice work. If they had released this as the new Duke Nukem game instead of the previous reboot, it would have been a fantastic comeback. I had way to much fun just going back to this unique experience. It feels as if they have strayed from the modern shooter and just lost their minds half way through and created something that is innocent fun rather than taking itself too seriously. The only negative I found gameplay wise was the lack of controller support on the PC version.

Graphically being a remaster it now runs at a steady 60fps and on the review copy, I rarely ran into a single drop in frames or glitches. On the GTX Bulletstorm 760 2gig I used, it ran at 60fps on high. The main issue I had with the graphics is the lack of options on the PC version. It would have been nice to play around with them but it didn’t derive from the experience I had. Sound design remains the same, high quality and listening to the screams of the enemies being electrocuted or eaten by fish is satisfying. The soundtrack goes with the gameplay brilliantly and aids the joyful experience of kicking your foes off cliffs.

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition is worth revisiting, not many games copied its ludicrously hectic experience that is just for fun. Too many AAA games take themselves seriously these days and Bulletstorm shows us that you don’t have to. If you haven’t previously played the game you seriously need to. I enjoyed coming back to it and can’t wait to jump in and play more.



Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition










  • Smooth experience
  • Innocent fun
  • Doesn't take itself seriously
  • Duke Nukem


  • No controller support
  • Lack of graphic options



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